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Driver in Repchic murder gets 31 years in prison

He got what he deserves. You do big house crimes then you do big house time.

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A mistake by Youngstown led to confusion over the demolition of a North Side house

Say what you may but if you think these homes built today are as sturdy as those build 100 yrs ago think again, minus the asbestos and lead issues of course. It's the area and lack of maintenance that deems them worthless. Go to a city like Lakewood, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, and you see old homes in immaculate shape.

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Anderson gets $117,555 payout; will donate for scholarships

Not the only reason tuition increases yearly. Least she did donate and will use the money for scholarships.

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Canfield man, woman charged with sexual abuse of young boy

.....because Canfield residents believe no evil lurks in this city of paradise.

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Explosion levels vacant South Side home; gas still on

Uugh hear a noise ...How about .calling the cops! No one's living there, why not shut off all the utilities. How can people be so stupid. They know this is Youngstown where people will steal anything not nailed down. Good thing no one was injured and no kids were nearby. The fact that Choice homes has several vacant homes in the city and keeps utilities on is kinda strange to me. Maybe after today they'll change their policy.

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This is a sad story. 14-15 yr old males out all night with a 19 yr old female. Car reported stolen a day later after the fact. I think she had a kid so why would she be out like this anyway, and why didn't the guy who survived who was on the news reveal there whereabouts the night or mornng of the accident??? Hopefully these questions will be answered.

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Lupo indicted in illegal brine dump


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GM sales increase 7 pct.; Cruze sales drop by 12 pct.

I was on the lot a few days ago and they had a used 2011 Cruze LTZ for $14000 grand and a new one for $26000. Although the used one did have like 50k miles on it, seems like a large drop in value.

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Valley economy to get $30M lift from GM profits, workers to get $6,750

Funny how they keep publishing this every year and saying how this money they get will boost the economy of the valley when they have no idea how each employee will spend it. Hell, they may put it away in stocks, bonds, or savings.

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Shooting in shadow of YSU

These fools should be prosecuted and put in jail for a very long time. Make an example of them and maybe this will end.

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