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Trumbull engineer balks at new policy on sick-leave donations

SHAME! NO WOMEN SHOULD LOOSE HER JOB + MEDICAL BENIFITS because she has BREAST CANCER!! She can't afford to pay for Medical Insurance without an income.The Trumbull County, Ohio Engineer RANDY SMITH is at it again! The Trumbull County Commissioners passed a policy to allow county employees to share sick time with others. Smith is trying to narrow the donated time allowed for Nancy Guerini to a small number of office personnel. As a Democratic Elected Public Department Head he has an Obligation to help this Woman!

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Trumbull engineer forbids workers to donate sick time to help worker with cancer

I want to say thank you to the Youngstown Vindicator for printing this story. The Warren Tribune has posted nothing, not even letters to the editor. The grapevine says that reach4change is correct about them trying to justify this with her job performance, after she got cancer & was requesting help. MUST A WOMEN LOOSE HER JOB & MEDICAL BENEFITS BECAUSE SHE HAS BREAST CANCER! Shame on this elected official. We will be sure to remind the Trumbull County people when he is up for re-election. He was appointed by the Democratic Committee and this time he's running unapposed.

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