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Boardman getting new, bigger fire truck

Agreed 100%, save the estate tax money for something more important! The FD needs to use their SUV's for medical calls, not ladder trucks.

Last year's "Police Levy" turned out to be another shell game, business as usual here in this township. The levy money went to the police dept, and then the trustees pulled general fund money out of the PD to give to the Fire and Road depts. As for the fire truck, someone is likely getting a nice free vacation from the manufacturer. Keep your eye out for anyone taking a cruise or going to Disney! To the officers in Boardman, I bet this stings considering the pay raise freeze they've been enduring for how long now? The township isn't broke, they just don't know how to properly spend money, or how to say no to department heads. Sadly, this little stunt will likely upset voters, which is perfect timing considering they have a huge school levy on the ballot in Nov. Good luck with that one.

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