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Do you believe the incentives offered to GM workers to relocate to Niles and Warren will be successful?

OldMAnGrump;You live on the SW side of Warren.What do you know about the burbs?Another useless ploy devised by another group of 'Self Serving AH's'.

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Dann’s home put up for sale

Does it include the $13,000 security system he stole from the state of Ohio?

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Sales of Cobalts zoom in Valley

Jimmy Graham and the gand=g best hit their knees and pray that gas prices do not drop.The increase in fuel cost is the ONLY reasi=on this shop is staying open..The bed hoping union leaders sold out the rank and file long ago.Quality has nothing to do with Lordstown good luck.Gas goes down,doors will lock.What a disgrace.No pats on the back deserved in Lordstown.

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Newton Twp. cop pleads guilty to speeding

This guy is a freaking whack job.He and his lovely wife and 24 Hr a day health provider are attempting to scam the DOD and Air Force,along with any other Gov't institution they "Their Own Words,QUOTES" abouth his dibilitating Tom Colosimo..Certifiably nuts.These broke communities keep allowing him to operate as a cop,is going to get someone dead!How in the funk did they look at his bacrground?A Blind money on a fast horse can see this darling duo as nothing but trouble..The nut holds down 2 volunteer posistion as a cop.Live on a couple acres in a 160,000 home and he or his wifey,Do Not Work for a paycheck.He is bucking for a Full disability.With the help of Nwton Township & W Farmington,he is well on his way to getting it.The trustess who gave him the keys need some real goo leagal advisors now.

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Cobalt keeps No. 1 rank in sales

Thank God for INSANE oil prices.It is the ONLY reason Lordstown GM is going to stay open.Quality product and work ethics,don't have a thing to do with Lordstown's good fortune.Keeping a plant open is Fantastic.Staying open due to fuel prices being so inflated is not real good news.No room for beating your drum here GM L'town.Ya got lucky,bottom line.

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Investigation continues into crash that killed Youngstown cop

Appolo;Be it a cop,priest,welder,or Tribune poster,whoever,they deserve the benifit of the doubt."Innocent until prooven guilty".He deserves that,just like you or I...Thats America Jr.!

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Investigation continues into crash that killed Youngstown cop

matchbox96;What are you trying to say?

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South Range teacher to travel to Hawaii for Pearl Harbor study

Lets hope this was not paid for with dollars intended towards the kids education?Nice vacation for him..Short of getting the sun and the fresh local food,all this mission could be accomplished online or in history books.Better money would be spent on,sending someone to D.C. to study the impact our war(thats been over for 2+ yeras) in Iraq,will have on the kids future.Pray tell this is not a Tax dollar or school funded trip.If only 80 educators out of the Entire US are chosen for this Field Trip,how important is it?How do they become qualified for the trip?Pick names out of a hat or,does the educator need to have been nominated by his district as,someone who goes "above and beyond" his duty to educate students.

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Investigation continues into crash that killed Youngstown cop

Huselasweetz;My thoughts and pryaers go out to you family.Your Uncle is at peace.It will be tough.You and the kids CAN get through it!I am one of those people that,"Highly Suggest", that the "Appoloboy and Grumpnuts" go to your family and run their mouths like they post here.It woluld be a sight to cherish.Keep the faith and you have LOTS of support...God Bless all the fallen Brothers & Sisters.

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Investigation continues into crash that killed Youngstown cop

Appolodude;NOTHING threating!Only suggestions.As much as I think your attitude(in general)sucks,you,as an American are "Entitled" to voice,post and live your lifestyle.That is,until it encroaches on someone elses life.You and Old Grump,could have held back your Pompus reins until the facts and scores on this was in.You chose to get "Suggestively Negative" about this case,from the minute it happened."America;"Innocent until prooven guilty".As much as I CANNOT stand your punk views on this matter,you are are still entitiled to the same right.What was your hurrry to "Stir the Gosssip Pot"?

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