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Paige, Fletcher indicted in killing over electricity theft

It was my understanding Mr Blakes oldest child identifed the female in this case as the shooter. Why now have the charges against her been changed ? I would believe the Blake child as to who shot his father, before I would believe either of the two arrested. Personally I think they both should be charged with murder. Time to call an outside agency to come in and investigate this case , something fishy here. I think the state attorney general should be called. It was said the child was questioned immediatly after and he identified the woman. I think the guy is taking the rap and the police and prosecutor are letting him to avoid the cost of a long trial.

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Jasmin Fletcher, 21, arraigned in killing over electricity theft

This womens actions were appauling! I think the prosecuter should seek the death penalty. I would like to see everyone write and call the offife of the mahoning co. Prosicuter and tell him no deals no plea bargain in this case. This man was murdered in cold blood and his wife and children deserve justice. So please do your part send a letter or make that call tell them no less then the dealth penalty is accepable in this case!

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