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Neighbors of filthy home in Canfield report nothing out of the ordinary

This sounds like a classic case of overreaction by the Canfield Police Department. They most likely went to the residence on a 'concerned citizen call', found that the living conditions did not fit into the 'Canfield way of life' and 'needed' to change them. So, they go through the book to see what they can charge the people with and do it to get them out of the 'perfect' society. They don't care about giving warnings or asking people to change their ways before throwing the book at them. I lived in Canfield most of my life and have seen first hand the way Chuckie can go through the ORC to 'find' a charge. I can't blame them tho, they gotta be bored as hell as police officers in a town that's encircled by a magic bubble that keeps crime, pestilence, HIV and minorities out. meganz has no business asking if the children have been to a pediatrician...per HIPPA. The article never stated that there were any dead animals. Aside: every person sees dead animals in their childhood; it's part of growing up. "Evil" is a term we use to push away things we are afraid of and don't want to understand. Her use of capitalization shows where she is speaking from. Also, the word "filthy" is relative. Per the Picassa photos above (thank you foxtrot), I don't see mold, garbage, animal and human waste pouring out of the windows so I can't see how the house was 'filled' with it... maybe I'm reading too far into Mr. McGivern's words. I propose this question: If the house and family in this article were on the lower north, south, east or west sides of Youngstown, would you care about anything that this article is talking about?

P.S. - I guarantee that I can find 'mold, garbage, animal and human waste' in your house if I looked hard enough :)

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