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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

fire-excellent comment. very true, honest, and you made excellent points.

josereyes-i am not saying that situations do not happen in which teenagers are let go by the police. i am merely stating to you a fact-the police go into every situation, investigating alcohol. not to mention that if the young men were drunk/buzzed...whatever the case may be, the officers could be reprimanded big time for allowing them to leave the scene, intoxicated, and then drive home. i understand that you are in high school, and the "i'm a football player" line does get people out of things. but i am telling you in this situation, alcohol was not involved. was there drinking at the dance? well, i am not in high school and i was not there. but were these boys intoxicated by any means? no.

again, trust me as someone who has been there. you can drink and think you are as sober as the day you were born, but try to have a conversation with your parents, and they will probably be able to pick out that you have had something to drink in a heart beat. little cues give it off. and i am telling you that when the energy is still going (as it was after the fight, by the time the police arrived) it would be even more obvious that their had been drinking.

and if it gives you any hope, saying "i'm a football player" past graduation just gets you laughed at in the "real world."

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Teenagers charged in assault plead innocent

this post is even more hostile than the original! there are many comments about parenting, and in some degree i do think they are justified. i remember being younger and thinking "when i have kids i'm not going to make them have a curfew, or have my daughter's big brother come to pick her up!" but then that day comes when you have kids, and you realize everything you thought about parenting gets thrown out the window!

i have a really hard time stomaching the "living christian" and the "Catholic education" paying off mentality. i will be honest-i attended all catholic schools (what do you expect from an irish catholic mom and an italian catholic father?!?! hehe). but being catholic/chrisitian/religious isn't about sitting in a class every day or even going to church every sunday. it is about living a religious life.

i am in no way agreeing with how all the boys handled themselves (although, i would like to point out that while 14 were there, only 4 were charged with assult. yes, they came as many, but only few really "fought" making it physically 4 to 1). but what i am saying is that it is hypocriticial for us, all of us, to "throw the first stone" so to speak. do these boys deserve some short of reinforcement for their actions? of course. but do they need to be criticized by adults, with facts and fictions being all jumbled and misconstrued? i don't believe so.

my suggestion is for everyone to discuss the facts about the incident. what happened before doesn't matter. these boys previous histories don't matter. focus on the present, this situation, and it'll be fair to both sides.

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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

hellsbells-no, the mistake is not in the homeowners responding to the intrusion and charges getting dropped (unless the homeowners overreacted, broke the law...etc). the mishap in procedure involves the police when charges get dropped. for example, if you are not read your miranda rights, you could technically have your charges dropped due to unlawful due process. in situations like these, the oversights have to be pretty specific and measurable (for example, when cases have made national news for excessive force, searching without a warrant, etc). so yes, charges can be dropped if mistakes are made, but not because of how the homeowners reported the case.

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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

rex-i agree with the "pack mentality" 100%. you make very good points. however, when it comes to hiring attorneys, they would have been given court appointed attorneys (unless they chose to represent themselves). i don't think that their parents hiring attorneys shows that they believe they are innocent (while on the surface pleading innocent might say that, it really just gives you more wiggle room with evidence, witnesses and plea deals later on). i think it just shows that they don't want their children made "examples" of by being treated completely unfairly with the punishment. i think it's safe to say that any parent wants to teach their child to take responsibility for their actions, but at the same time the punishment should be equal to the crime (i realize by saying that i am opening myself up to a multitude of "well kick them and beat them" comments, but i am going to hope we are all mature adults and understand the point).

i have faith in our legal system, that this situation will be properly worked out. personally-i think community service and a lesser charge would be best. and i don't mean community service of picking up trash on the freeway. having these young men talk in schools about how one night, one mistake, one impulse decision can ruin your life. teenagers need to realize not all life changing mistakes are because you were drunk, didn't have a seat belt on, or partied too hard.

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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

Justin2204-believe me when i tell you that one of the first things the police do is test for alcohol. they were not drunk. they had left a dance. at some point they stopped and changed their clothing.

as for the charges being filed, it has nothing to do with the police taking on the parents, as by a legal standpoint, when you turn 18 your parents virtually don't exist. the police are not obligated to even call the parents if they are over 18, as they are no longer considered a minor. the charges taking this long could be because of when they were filed. since it occurred on public property, sometimes it falls into play as to whether or not the parties (in this case, the malvasi's) choose to file charges. it could also be due to inside investigation. all the facts must be gathered, statements reviewed, and evidence (in this case the video) taken into account before they even can make a charge (given the he said/she said nature of the fight, and because when the police arrived the fight had already been broken up). as a result, it could have taken that amount of time to get it all together, decide who is charged with what, and go from there.

these situations are always EXTREMELY touchy, and any police station is going to make sure they have crossed their t's and dotted their i's. because one mishap in procedure could actually result in all charges being completely dropped (which is sadly how many people get out of D.U.I.'s by finding an easy out through a missed step by a police officer). i would also assume (again, this is an assumption) that the police knew that this would become a high profile situation and an extremely tense one, so they wanted to go through perfect procedures to again, keep the charges from being dropped due to a technical matter.

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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

josereyes-you should get your facts straight. think about it. cops show up. wouldnt you think the first thing they would do is check for alcohol. when you are pulled over for a ticket, whether you know it or not, they are looking for signs of drinking (overly nervous/emotional, not being able to make eye contact, etc.). in this situation, the police would do the same (especially given both the time, and the fact that they were leaving a dance). dont you think if they had reason to believe the boys were drinking they would have given them the "pen test" or a breathalizer? people make mistakes, even sober...

however, you did make an excellent point. our opinions mean nothing...a judge, jury, etc will decide whether these boys or guilty or not. it was wrong. everyone agrees. but two wrongs don't make a right, and people making up facts doesn't change what happened. stick to the facts so it is a fair and honest discussion.

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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

....i wonder what these posts would look like if it were the reverse. 10 kids from canfield assulting 1 mooney kid....would everyone be saying that the mooney kid "thought he was better than everybody else?"

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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO


you bring up extremely, extremely good points. my guess as to why portions of the video are missing could be they do not want to sway a jury by showing it to them prior to trial. which, in my opinion is why the video should never have been released in the first place.

when it comes to the video being taken by the father, i do agree. the mother says on the 911 recording they have a camera. from a credibility stand point, the tape should have immediately been turned over to the police upon their arrival to the scene, to prevent any question of tampering.

i don't know if you caught the paper this morning, but it no longer said "mooney students" it just said "ten charged..." perhaps the vindicator realized how unfair it was to identify them by their school, not their actions? it is my belief that any student, from any school, should not be identified in the newspaper, catholic or private not mattering.

and finally...the private v. public debate is a never ending battle, fuel being added to the fire during fall sports and legal altercations. it just goes to show that we look at the title before analyzing the picture, already having an idea in our minds what it SHOULD look like

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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

JME-there is a fine line between boasting and being proud, that i will agree to. but saying that there is an attitude of "i'm the greatest" is both uncalled for and ignorant. not one single post on here as said that mooney is perfect and the boys should get off because of that. my point was that no one knows these boys, truly knows them, but for us to be degrading their character based on one mere instance? if your son attends a private school you would know that we are not judged by only one instance in our life, but how we learn from our mistakes and our asked for forgiveness.

it is lent. 40 days of waiting, fasting, etc. of asking for forgiveness in a time of trouble. people make mistakes. did peter not deny jesus three times? was he not forgiven? it is my firm belief that these boys are truly sorry for what has happened, being that they (or their families) have not contacted the media and made a "hear our side" fiasco. i am sorry if people have that "we are the greatest because we are from mooney" attitude that you know. it's just a shame you don't know my family, my brothers, their wives, my husband, my cousins, etc who are all mooney grads and are the kindest people, like many of their classmates.

hopefully, since you are not from here, you will get to meet more people with the same positive, humble demeanor that was instilled to me when i walked the halls of cardinal mooney.

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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

hellsbells-obviously you don't know the two men at all, because you would know they both have good records. good grades, never been in legal trouble before. so expose their records all you want. and actually, it does really matter. when building a case, the goal is to eliminate the credability of each party. previous criminal history, school history (i.e., previous suspensions, truancy records, etc) will be important. it will come into play with what happened previously that night. it was "10 against 1" in that fight, but it will also be 10 witness statements against 1 as to what happened leading up to it. won't make what the boys did right, but it could potentially prove that the young man from canfield was aggravating/harassing the other men, etc. when it comes to a "he said/she said" trial...everything is fair game..

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