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YSU plans $13.7M renovation of student center

Why oh why should YSU improve itself? We should stay as stale and boring as some of the downtown buildings. Gimme a break...

Kudos YSU!

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Online, on course: Austintown district’s new program gives students an alternative

This seems to be a great program. It's refreshing to see a district realize that some students learn in different ways and accommodate them. I hope other area schools will follow their lead.

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YSU’s future is bleak

I'd imagine there are more assistants on campus, and I'm sure in some eyes their salaries are justified. However, as a future IT professional, in my eyes the IT department is being unjustly singled out as being overpaid. I'm confident that their skill level is a catalyst for their wage. The same may be true for your past co-workers.

I guess it makes more sence for people to set their sights on the work or education that are rewarded with higher wages rather than criticize those that already earn them.

Now back to the topic of this article. I disagree with Bertram, YSU is a great place and I'm sure Dr. Anderson will be able to deal with all the adversities in front of her.

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YSU’s future is bleak

Wow, it's not only the IT folks making a good living. Here are some "Administrative Assistant" salaries:
Bonita Harris $66K
Julia Lloyd $64K
Christine Domhoff (former ACE pres) $72K
Richard Sweany $79K

That's some big money for glorified secretaries. It looks to me that the above mentioned concessions are long overdue!!!

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