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Mom charged with child endangering after sobriety test

Nice that the arresting officer comments on this site. Very unpeofessional

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Canfield mom charged child endangering, OVI

I know Jennifer very well and she is a wonderful mother and great person. She is always willing to help anyone in need. She made a mistake but didn't realize alcohol would still be in her system at that time. She never drives her daughter around if she had a drink. I want to know why the article has been published two days in a row. I think it was wrong publishing her whole name and address as this is having an affect on her daughter as kids can be very mean and hold this against the daughter. Canfield Schools is behind all of this as they have a vendetta out for Jennifer and have been too involved in the daughters life. As for the 18 year old, it is not her biological son. It is a boy that she started taking care of when he was 5 and he considers her his mother. She has helped him to become a better person as his father threw him away. One mistake and a person should not be chastised. The Vindicator should be ashamed of themselves for publishing it twice and giving out her personal information. I am sure they have more important things to report.

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