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Tonight's Amber Alert canceled after boy found

The Vienna police and fire department deserve a few good words for a job well done. Thankfully the boy was found safe.

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In deal, Mathews bus driver keeps job

She was caught on tape saying it. Whether she ment it or not should be the determining factor to decide if Kathy gets to keep her job. If the board of education decides that she ment the comment in a vendictive way, perhaps they could get Kathy some help instead of adding to the unemployed rolls.

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Mayor: Response to Austintown on water rates wasn’t complete

Perhaps the reason that the levy failed was not that the people of Austintown do not want to supprot the school kids, But because of Economic reasons. Too many people are out of work and can not afford to pay more taxes period. This applies to the whole area.

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Austintown officials aren’t surprised by Youngstown’s inaction, Oles says

I was told that at one time, Youngstown refused to anex the suburbs. This happen when the steel mills were going good. Now that the Jobs have migrated and the people have also, the city is looking to recoup their losses by forcing the subburbs to pay for the city's problems.

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