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Holidays 2009: So many things to do, so little time

No activity because I was a fulltime working single mother (until recently) who juggles taking care of a child on my own, a high maintenance house and everything life throws one's way. I write when I learn of things for parents and children to do in this area and when I have a moment to breathe. Now, if I had a cook, a cleaning lady & a trust fund (or winning lottery ticket), I would have all the time in the world to write. ;) Happy New Year!

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Holistic Moms Network to present a seminar

This group always has such interesting speakers. I'm definitely attending because I would like to have as much information as possible regarding allergies and avoiding the flu.

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Green for a day at Wick

It was a great event, beautiful day and lots of fun for kids & adults. My daughter & I loved Ely's food which we go out of our way to get on W. Reserve Rd. Congressman Ryan's staffer's Dora & Diego display was a genius & irresistible for toddlers. Ytownshrimp doesn't realize that this isn't an overnight sensation. There is a dedicated group to making Ytown green which is a combination of lifelong residents & people who have returned home or have adopted Ytown as their home. They have been working at greening Ytown for many years now & more & more individuals are making this a slow & steady build. Just ask the Green Team about the increase in recycling & the waiting lists for their composting classes.

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Go Cards, Beat Boardman! Local rivalries are always so fun & usually a great game.

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Denounce Criminal Jim Traficant

I support Tyler in his opinion & I am not afraid to say this. I find that whenever I remotely mention that Jim Traficant wasn't entirely perfect or representative of everyone in this Valley, I am immediately attacked. I have to say that Traficant supporters remind me of Republican tactics to suppress an exchange of ideas & opinions at town hall meetings regarding health care reform of late. Why is this area so fearful of moving into the future in a positive, progressive way? Must we relinquish ourselves & our legacy to crime, old school politics & negativity? Do people really wonder why any Gen X'ers or younger leave this area as soon as possible when the older generations worship individuals like Traficant & make comments such as I heard a couple weeks ago "We don't need to change anything here for younger people. If they don't like it, they can leave." I can't tell you how many times I have heard that when discussing changing the ways we do things in the Valley or think about doing business. This celebration for Traficant will only bring more negative coverage to our Valley &, once again, make us a laughing stock just as Traficant made us all across the U.S. during his tenure in Congress. I am tired of being mortified by his antics & defending our area to anyone outside of it because he has been such a dominant, negative symbol of anything to do with the Mahoning Valley. If you want a younger generation to stay here, make a tax base, support the social programs for this rapidly aging area, then try moving forward into the future rather than languishing in the past. Otherwise, you have something else to thank Jim Traficant & his supporters for - 25 years+ of young people leaving the area.

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Allergies from Hell

Stan - Thanks for your comment. I have some plants in the house that are supposed to be natural air filters and good for allergies. I also have two of the air filters you mention. Do they work if your windows are open? I have always wondered about that?

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Allergies from Hell

I took it down because I really did not feel like being chastised by a slew of strangers that everyone doesn't go through an escapee child. If you have ever read some of the comments given to these blogs, they can cut to the quick and I have every right to not want to be a punching bag for others. Ironically, two days after I posted that blog CNN reported that a 3 year old got up from sleep, opened a bolted door while his mom was in the other room on the phone and the father was asleep and walked out of the house to be found a couple days later. So, many people go through the escapee child phase whether it is a 2 parent household or one and it seems that we, as parents, can't be mind readers for this jump in development.

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It isn't your typical screen door. It was made in the 50's and has very heavy metal slats with glass on the other side of the screen (impossible to push through). I was in another room while my child watched tv. It is impossible to be constantly with your child and still wash dishes or cook unless one has a nanny or other individual standing guard over said child 24/7 and good luck making a 2 year old sit in the kitchen when they want to watch their "penguins". I don't take the incident lightly but to dwell on "what could have been" will just freak me out and I preferred to throw my "freak out" into finding extra locks for the doors. It was apparent, right away, that she was okay when the policeman came to my door and pointed to her on the sidewalk. I decided to write this experience because children, in their twos, suddenly learn many things both safe and unsafe from observing us and we don't realize it. I find myself explaining my every move as "only Mama does this" to her to make sure she doesn't mimic everything I do. I wrote this to serve as a warning to others. As mothers today, aren't we under enough pressure to do everthing perfectly? I'm being honest in my imperfect humanity and thank God that everything turned out well daily. I'm glad to see such support from another mother. ;) I guess I shouldn't blog about the trials and tribulations of true motherhood but keep to the glib, superficial stuff?

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The politics of neighbors and your kids selling stuff

Well then, why do schools always raise money? I'm not going to a PTA meeting before I have to. My child is 2 years old. But, the PTA's do raise money in Cleveland. I don't know for what purpose - band? a trip?

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The politics of neighbors and your kids selling stuff

Ugh! I have THAT to look forward to? Can't we parents just write a check as a donation, get a tax write-off and be done with it? What are all the $ of those sales going towards anyway? If this is the most creative PTA's can be these days, no wonder we have so much junk in our homes and have obese children. I've written about the great re-sale events that the Cleveland area PTA's run. They make a good $3,000 (if not more) on these events. Why don't the PTA's do something like that instead of placing undue pressure and burden on children and parents for junk(food) no one wants? Same goes for all the Boy/Girl Scouts, little leagues, etc. I think parents need to stand up and fight back against all these piddly fund raising efforts. Just make an accurate budget for your organization and market to parents that you won't torture them or your child with a fundraising effort.

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