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Ohio casino jobs promise is misleading, study says

Both sides have it right. Jobs will be created but some wiill be created at the expense of others. I believe that there will be a net increase in the number of jobs. Here's why. First,although the casinos will be supported in large part by locals, many of these locals do in fact leave the state to do their gambling now. Thus, if they stay in Ohio to gamble (and why wouldn't they), their money stays here and additional jobs wll be created. Second, with Cleveland's new convention center and Medical Mart coming, a full service casino in Cleveland like the one proposed by Dan Gilbert will make Cleveland a much more desirable convention location. Coupled with the existing world-class arts, entertainment and dining facilites already in Cleveland, the tourism dollars will increase significantly, creating jobs not just in the casino but in many other areas as well. How about this as a side benefit to those of us who already live here - more money to the arts and entertainment businesses will enhance our quality of life. And the State should take some of the money from the casino fees and taxes to create a serious proven program to addresss gambling addiction. This is a home run, folks!!

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