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Youngstown mayor’s race leaves a lot to be desired

I am very confused on this article. Demain Kitchen has paid his taxes since originally it being published he hadn't so that no longer makes it a legal problem in the future and the women ACCUSING him of sexual harassment, one has not come up with one ounce of proof of these text messages or emails he has sent and the other said that he said she looks hot today. The only thing that has been published by the vindicator is that he hasn't found his work phone, whooaaaa alert the national guard. McNally is currently being indicted and Kitchen has rumors against him with no evidence. Doesn't really compare to me

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Youngstown can’t retrieve text messages sent by DeMaine Kitchen

what i don't understand is what does it matter of he doesn't have his phone. From what i know, text messages are a two way street so if i send you one it's on your phone as well. All I'm saying is that if a grown woman has the where with all to go to the mayor and say she is being harassed and he writes her off, you would think she would keep record of these alleged misdoings just in case. but again, I'm just saying

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Retired police chief to quit mayoral race

I'll do you one better and call you misinformed. The black vote is the MINORITY, where the white vote is the MAJORITY. The majority can afford to be split where the minority can't because there numbers are low to begin with. Simple math

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