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No, the kitten that was rescued in Austintown didn’t have nine lives

Is it true that Animal "Charity" gets $15 for every cat they put down? That would have been over $1200 for the Cat Ladies cats. Maybe they needed to make payroll?? Those same cats cost the Cat Ladies around $10,000 in vet care and maintenance not including operating costs according to what werecat outlined. If the lady who is suing them for the killing of her dogs in their parking lot leaves anything after her win, I hope the Cat Ladies clean up the rest from these criminals.

November 9, 2010 at 11:59 a.m. suggest removal

Cat Ladies, city settle; shelter to reopen today

Leo, Kimm had a health guarantee and a lifetime return policy. Why didn't you call her and give her a chance to make it right? She would have. She goes way out of her way to help people and to help cats. Maybe you're just mad that you didn't take care of this with her in the first place and now you have to trash her instead. Kimm would never willfully and intentionally adopt out a sick cat.

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Cat shelter reopening; charges still possible

There are no "employees" at The Cat Ladies Society. Everyone is a volunteer, including Kimm, the owner.

It sure is strange that the healthy cats are now becoming ill. Is this because they were exposed to something at Animal Charity? Did they neglect to vet these innocent animals?

Don't you wonder who was beind all this heinous buffoonery? Perhaps other shelters whose adoption numbers don't compare to that of The Cat Ladies Society?

I'm sure the perpetrators will be exposed in the end, every last one of them.

It's amazing that people who start out to save these animals end up trying to kill off the competition using the innocent kittens and cats as their pawns.

You would also think that the accountable people would step in and start investigations on this corruption. Nobody will admit that they are the accountable party for overseeing Animal Charity. Hmmmm.......

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