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White male voters are warming up to Barack Obama

My name is Justin Wilkins. I'm a 27 year old, white, male living in Chattanooga, TN.

As of last November I had never been involved in a political campaign.

My concern isn't who has experience, who has a fancy resume. My only concern is who is going to be able to actually LEAD. Who will be able to get people to work together and actually DRIVE change.

Clinton is right, you can't just have vision and no action. But ACTION, without a shared vision, never works either. So I think we need both. Obama has the words and the action.

What's more is his grassroots organization will be used to help IMPLEMENT the change we all are looking for.

I am so frustrated of watching important issues to me: healthcare for my Aunt Sandy in Nashville, destruction of our environment and how we rather treat the symptoms instead of solving the problems, and on and on -- these issues still exist. Clearly what we've been doing hasn't worked. I'm ready for a fresh start - something new, different.

Great change has always followed great leadership and vision. Whether founding our country, putting man on the moon, civil or women's rights etc.

The change I am looking for: a change in how we work together, approach problem solving, ending the villifying and soundbite splicing that perpetuates the addressing of serious issues -

The change I'm looking for Obama has it. Just look at how he has run his campaign.

Please, vote for Obama Ohio. I'm new to the political scene and I've never been more inspired. We need this.

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Ex-president: Hillary will bring real change

I have never been involved with a campaign before, For the first time in my life I knocked on strangers doors, I called people I didn't know, and went outside my comfort zone. Never have I felt an urge to do this until now...
In an old school house room over 20 of us who had never met each other came together and shared our stories of why we had come. Black and white, old and young, men and women - this was an odd couple and an incredibly diverse crowd but it turned out we had so much more in common than any of us realized.

And that's the the key to the movement. It's empowering us as individuals to realize that we can organize (just like Barack did in the streets of Chicago). Except this time, we are all part of a grand experiment that is not only happening on the streets of one city in one state, but in many cities, in many states all across our country. Ordinary people ARE doing extraordinary things - completely evident when we meet others who have driven 8 hours, 12 hours just to come volunteer. When the organizer says she's had two hours of sleep and forgot to each lunch. When the volunteers making calls, cutting lists and preparing for the next day take a break because they had a late meeting (until 3am). Some of these folks were like me...never been involved before...and here they are now doing extraordinary things.

Barack Obama is teaching us how to organize like he did, how to cross our divide and work with people we didn't work with before because find something in common and that helps us solve problems. I believe this is his strategy as President and that's why I am voting and volunteering as much as I can. Because if he can do in Washington D.C. what he did on the streets of Chicago and what he's doing now in the streets of Greenville, SC and did in Iowa and New Hampshire - then that's all the EXPERIENCE I need because that all the CHANGE I am hoping for.

No matter the outcome of this grassroots movement, Barack Obama is shaking up the system, challenging politics as usual and doing something much bigger than running for President.

He's giving us our country back..

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Ex-president: Hillary will bring real change

I could not be more honored to represent those of us in Hamilton County, Tennessee and the 3rd Congressional District who believe that a fundamental change in our country is only possible with a fundamental change in how we do politics.

Throughout his campaign Senator Barack Obama has been inspiring people to get involved, many for the first time (like me), in the political process. It is with the help of this new, engaged, and active electorate that Obama will be able to implement our shared agenda. He will use us, the people, to bring the change we so desperately crave – which, at the core, is simply just honest debate about how to solve our problems on complex issues without the name calling, vilifying and negative tactics that seem so prevalent in politics.

What's interesting is that this shouldn't surprise us. It has been our responsibility and our job as citizens all along to drive this change. Our government only fails us because we've allowed it to do so. We are so quick to become disgusted with politics, politicians, and the inability of our leaders to really address some of the serious issues facing our country. But really, it has been us, the people, who through our own apathy have let ourselves down.

Barack Obama has shown many of us, perhaps the thousands attending his rally, and the thousands volunteering for his campaign that we can change our country - but it will require that the citizens speak louder. It will require us writing letters, calling each other and actively participating where we haven't before. At least that’s what we realized standing in a schoolhouse room in Greenville, South Carolina back in January where for four weeks we sent Tennessee volunteers to help South Carolina win.

Most of the people volunteering that day had never been involved in a campaign before. There were over 30 of us, representing old, young, black, white, men, women from various surrounding states too. We had all come together to take action and help bring change.

This is how Barack Obama will IMPLEMENT his CHANGE.

Words inspire action. Through his ability to paint a broad vision he'll be able to inspire our country to focus on a bigger purpose than the details that divide us. Once focused, he will use his grassroots organization – the new and engaged electorate – to be the pressure on congress to bring the changes we want to see.

Founding our country, putting man on the moon, ending the depression, the civil rights and women's rights movements – all began with vision. Great action and Great change is led by a vision that inspires that action.

We've learned in Hamilton County that Yes, We Can make a difference and that the re-engagement of active voters is how Barack Obama will use us to change the politics that divides us, and ultimately the direction of our country.

Yes, We Can! Yes, We Can! Yes, We Can!

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Was Mayor Williams snubbed?


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