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Taxpayer uprising the only answer

I just finished reading the reponses to this article. No wonder the valley is in the mess it is. With the short sightedness of all of thesae anti public employees. You run people out.

I love the one that said public emplyees don't produce anything. Next time your wife goes for a walk and doesn't get raped or robbed, don't give a cop credit for producing anything

Next time your neighbors house catchers on fire and threatens your house, don't give a fireman credit for producing anything.

Next time your car is broken and you need a ride to work to keep from getting fired, don't give a bus driver credit for producing anything.

Next time your elderly father has a heart attack and needs a nurse, don't give her credit for producing anything.

Next time your kid gets a scollarship to YSU because of what he lurned in school, don't give a teacher credit for producing anything. After your kid graduates and moves to a progressive place like Pittsburg and gets a good job, don't give the professor credit for producing anythin.

I could go on and on with what Public Employees produce, but you wouldn't care, you are jealous of people who have jobs you wouldn't take 15-20 years ago.
You whinners make me sick.

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