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Potential program cuts for seniors, disabled blasted at forum

"...many examples of wasteful government spending that could be better used to preserve and protect Social Security"

The government has a spending problem, not a revenue collection problem, but Obama refuses to budge on eliminating any of the trillions of spending he's introduced.

The Republicans proposed a budget that was voted down on party lines, but the press never reported that the Obama budget was _also_ voted on that same day and was defeated by a unanimous, bipartisan vote. Republicans are coming up with solutions to the problem. Obama and his Democrat cronies refuse to compromise.

The Democrat budget? They haven't produced a budget in two years. That's fiscal irresponsibility for ya.

"You can judge a society by the way it treats its most vulnerable members." --Virginia Wepfer

Like the murder of unborn children. Eliminate government funding of Planned Parenthood and you can kill (if you'll pardon the expression) two birds with one stone.

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