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Burger King’s move to Canada is an attack on the middle class

I admire your outrage, Rea, but I think you're aim is off. Remember when Walter Ruether said the goal of the UAW was less work and more pay? Well, he got it. Remember all those politicians and their stirring speeches about how they're fighting for you? Ever ask who they were fighting, or about what, or what the benefit of that fight would be to you? Did they win? How about the examples given by mrgibson - you ever do that? Plenty of blame to go around, most of it is rooted in greed. So instead of questioning anyone's patriotism, vote, work and spend like your life depends upon your choices because it does.

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Time to scrap current tax code developed by greedy politicians

True, photoman, Congress has the power of the purse. Which explains why the purse is empty, threadbare and inside out most of the time.

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Of 163 arrests since shooting, only 7 from Ferguson

2muchtax - Sharpton should not be allowed to speak anywhere without prefacing his comments with details of how he used Tawanna Brawley to take him from K-Mart track suit wearing street hustler to Armani wearing "activist". Also, every time a video title refers to him as "Reverend" it should be followed by (according to www.

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Of 163 arrests since shooting, only 7 from Ferguson

I'll wait for all the investigations to conclude to see if justice is done.
As it stands, shooting someone for walking away from you is extreme. However, walking away from a cop who has ordered you to stop where you are, whether your hands are up or not, is not an act of compliance with a lawful order. The under representation of blacks on the local police force is troubling. So is the involvement and biased statements of sympathy by the President and Attorney General. Treating the revelation of the videotaped felony behavior of the shooting victim minutes before he was shot as an unfair characterization of who he was is ridiculous. So is demanding the name and address of the involved cop by a bloodthirsty mob with no real interest in justice. We'll see if our justice system can survive an assault by boneheads on both sides of this question.

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Man killed when motorcycle collides with SUV

I ride. This type of accident is the second leading cause of motorcycling deaths - a car turning left in front of an oncoming motorcycle. Drivers, especially at night, expect oncoming vehicles to have two headlights separated by six feet of car. This paradigm causes them to disregard the single headlight of a motorcycle as traffic. For motorcyclists, you can be extra cautious at intersections by practicing the wig-wag move I learned at an MSA course years ago. Within your lane, tip the bike back and forth several times as you approach an intersection. To an oncoming driver this gives your headlight an arc of movement that gets attention. For drivers, hang up, pay attention and nobody gets hurt.

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CCA stymies information on prisoners' 14-hour protest

"...the spokesman for the prisoners,,," is a tad misleading in that it assumes there is a prisoner spokesperson. Had Hagan said he was not allowed to speak to the leader of the protest, he might be more believable. He had to say something's to pander for votes. He should join Al Sharpton's tour of improbable injustices as he attempts to gin up votes for his Mrs. Prison uproars like this happen regularly. When you're stuck for years with little more to do than screw with the staff and internal rivals, you make things up just for variety. Prison ain't fun, nor should it be.

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Israel’s challenge; Our do-nothing Congress; Anticipating racino; Where’s outrage toward tea party?

Amen bildog. Political parties are just a means of sorting voters into groups likely to believe one type of bs more readily than another. The problem is the ego, greed, thirst for power, shameless character, and inability to do anything of real use, all of which are common to the vast majority of politicians, that is taking the country to hell in a hand basket.

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Mill Creek Park has become a death camp for beautiful geese

The only thing the Park did wrong is fail to hire more police to warn, and ticket, people who treat the Park as a dumping ground for their stale bread in the name of feeding the geese. A fifty dollar ticket would help discourage this foolish behavior especially if coupled with a couple of days of poop scooping patrol for repeat offenders.

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Sterling punished harshly; where’s freedom of speech?

Amen Ms Taylor. Sterling may be a racist jerk and old fool enough to take up with a gold digging bimbo, but what he says in a private conversation with said bimbo is no ones business but his own. He didn't make his statements public, the bimbo did, no doubt in hopes of more attention. And sure enough, the finger pointing, PC, hand-wringing TV talking heads gave it to her. And how about those principled players who removed their jerseys rather than be identified with Sterling's team? How many of them would have given up their multi-million dollar contracts without a protracted legal battle to backup what was a public statement on their part?

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Prosecutor: Tips from residents prompt Youngstown gang indictments

God bless the courageous neighbors who refused to be cowed, to have their neighborhood ruined, by a pack of gun toting punks.

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