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10 Mooney students charged in Canfield assault | AUDIO/VIDEO

As this debate of public opinion continues, seems most everyone forgets that the court system is there for cases such as this. While it maybe fun to point fingers at the involved parties, or promote an unfortunate event as must be remembered that the legal system has the final say in how this will play out. All of the banter that has been is nothing more than idol ranting. It truely serves no other purpose than for individuals to inflame a situation and cause possible problems in the future for the cities and schools involved.

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123 , it seems you have a more than biased viewpoint on the episode. If the paper would present all the facts and people would be able to look at those, one would see that there is inconsistancies in both parties recollections. It is expected of each individual involved in the altercation to have a skewed view of what had occured, but an intellegent unbiased bystander should be able to see that . Each participant should and will have his day in court and and the poll of public opinion should cease & allow the courts to do their job. Not attempt to inflame an unfortanate situation for ALL involved.

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