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GOP insider (Valley native) defends SB 5

First off, the article states that "pay, benefits and retirement taken together far exceed anything available to private sector employees for equivalent work" How do firefighters, police, teachers, public utility workers, and other union professions perform work anywhere near equivalent to the private sector? I find it ridiculous that republicans are attacking unions to offset the country deficit saying they receive compensation for professional, technical, dangerous, and for some, life-risking work on a daily basis and compare that to "equivalent" private sector jobs while people like professional athletes make milllions a year to play on TV!!!! If union workers are "equivalent" to proate sector then why do "Athletes" not compare to 5 year olds whom play those same games in their yards and teenagers play in school? We could reverse the deficit and more by putting a salary cap on professional athletes, but the typical american would rather watch a football game than have a fireman save their infant from a burning home or have a police officer arresting rapists and murderers apparently because union jobs are less important or equal to others apparently.

The real issue here has absolutely nothing to do with money, the issue is that Democrats are supported and recieve funding from unions so the republicans are doiing nothing more than trying to be snakes and attack the democrats funding by crippling unions, and its disgusting that they will sh*t on people who save and protect lives and perform essential public services to do so.

Even if you support republicans, its still possible to support the 2-party government this country was founded on for the sake of balance as well. Down with SB5!!

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