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2 drown in Valley lakes over weekend; boy rescued

i am so very sorry that i can not remember anyone's name but i am so glad that i am not the only one who noticed it was b.s. that nobody from the rescue team got in the water. i later found out that his mother and father was told in face they were a recovery team so does that mean your job was to stand around until he no longer had to be saved. this horrible tragedy has broke the hearts of so many. my son Glenn wants his best buddy back. my other son who has already been dealing with post tramactic stress disorder was allowed to watch everything from cory suffering in the water to seeing his best friend being pulled up. i was taken from the water right away to sit in a truck. So my goal is to petition the courts and the law to have the funding and make a law that you all must have the proper eqiupment. i thank you again to the gentlemen that jumped and grabbed my son. i will always be indebted to you and cory for glennys life

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2 drown in Valley lakes over weekend; boy rescued

I am the mother of the little boy that was saved. The only people interested in saving my five year old and my best friend was civilians. The dive team, sheirff and the other "officials" never once got wet. The 26yo that lost his life was a wonderful man with a huge heart. His family is in my prayers and berlin should be shut down if they are unable to secure the safety of the public that this lake is open too. and i agree that life guards and the so called dive teams that never went into the water should relearn thier job is to save lives

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