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Facebook remark wasn’t racist, Hagan says

I thought "buckwheat" was a term that means, "a person who doesn't know all the facts before speaking." I think it's only a racial slur if it's captialized into a proper name, as in the Little Rascals character named Buckwheat.

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Niles superintendent resigns, but won't deny rehiring

If he retires, he has to go. Let someone who isn't double-dipping have the job. Shame on him for even thinking about cheating the taxpayers!

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Mayor: Niles holding its own despite revenue difficulties

Ralph needs to retire. He's the reason that Niles has lost its luster. He's just marking time until retirement instead of protecting and imporving the city. Dead street trees are about to fall on unsuspecting passersby, the housing stock has been allowed to deteriorate, empty storefronts than used to bustle with business are now dark and empty. It's time Ralph. Please annouce your retirement soon and allow some younger person who still cares about Niles take the reins.

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Warren mother: Officer traumatized my sons

No cop should have children lay face-down in mud and hold them at gunpoint, especially once a parent identifies them at being in their own backyard. That cop didn't use good judgment.

A string of burglaries in the neighborhood doesn't mean that boys 7, 9 and 10 would be armed and dangerous. That cop was over-zealous and probably enjoying a little power-trip.

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Niles teacher suspended without pay

Garrison, how is it that you read the letter of reprimand? Since that letter is not public, you must have had some insider information as to its content.

If you haven't actually seen the letter, then what you have said surely is gossip, and probably is libel against the teacher as well.

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Niles teacher suspended without pay

Too many sick days, crashing the school board's vehicle, sassing back to the administration, posting on social media improperly or against school policy, failing to do mandatory paperwork, late too many times, failing to report on mandatory teacher training days, not completing her continuing education hours, these are all reasons a teacher might be suspended that have nothing to do with the safety and welfare of her students.

Thought Garrison claims he has insider info, he's just speculating and trying to exacerbate the hysteria.

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Abortion clinic in Valley closes

smcMD said, "In fact it is statistically safer to have a first trimester abortion than wear a tampon riding on the highway."

smc, I never let my tampons ride on the highway. They have to stay in the box until I need them.

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Abortion clinic in Valley closes

I for one am glad the center is closed. Back in the late 1990s several of my friends went to the center for the "free pregnancy test" and were then pressured to have abortions there.

They were told things like, "You can't possibly be considering having this baby, it will ruin your life," and "You aren't mature enough to be a mother. You can hardly take care of yourself," and "You'll have to drop out of college and you'll never go back," and "Having a baby can ruin your health and many women die in childbirth. Is that what you want, to die at 23?"

My personal favorites were what they told my best friend, "If you give your baby away for adoption, it will probably be adopted by pedophiles and live it's life in agony," and what they told my first college roommate, "It's not alive, it's just a glob of tissue that acts like a parasite. There's a parasite growing inside you and it will feed off you until you get it out."

I think business started falling off for the clinic because young college students started talking about the things they were told and realized they were being pressured to end pregnancies not because it was right for them but because abortions are a profitable business and that's how they paid for the free pregnancy tests.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that one of my friends went there for the pregnancy test, was told it was positive and was pressured to have an abortion, but she went to the health center for a second opinion and found out she wasn't pregnant after all. I wonder how many abortions they performed on women who weren't really pregnant?

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Take the Neighbors Poll — When mom-n-pop stores close, what do you miss?

I thought this thread was about mom-and-pop stores, not roads...

When I was a little girl, there used to be a store at the edge of our neighborhood called Suburban Dairy. We used to get cheap candy and Chocolate Soldiers there. Inside it smelled of candy, fresh bread, spilled beer and hot dogs.

Some of the people at the counter were friendly, some grumpy.

When we were older, like late elementary school or early junior high, they sponsored our softball team. We never won, but the next year they would sponsor us again because we were the neighborhood team in the city league. We never even had to ask, they just automatically sponsored us each year.

The store was destroyed by the tornado in 1985. Now a Convenient sits there. I don't know if it's owned by the same people.

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Callers ring with praises for Traficant on the radio

Unbelievable! How could he have organized his friends so well that no one else could even get through to the program?

The thought of him running for anything at all sends shivers of horror down my spine. And if he were elected? No corporation in the world would bring jobs to a place so filled with idiots who would vote for a do-nothing politician who did 8 years for a felony.

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