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Eastwood Mall airbrush artist captures Great Dane's soul

baxter you ate a whole wheel of cheese? I'm not mad i'm impressed.

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$8,500 jewelry theft at Southern Park

my guess---- pirates

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Cedars Lounge to close; new building owner is forcing the issue

It's not that hard to understand. If the building isn't in good shape, fix it. Centralized focused development is better than building a new bar or restaurant on the commercial strips of south ave/market st. People like being able to eat somewhere, walk to one bar, grab a drink, walk to another etc. Try doing that on 224. The only character we have is downtown. Stop going to the suburbs and support the downtown.

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Va. judge dismisses charge against Rep. Ryan

If that's the worst our Rep. does, I'm grateful.

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Would you support legalization of marijuana in Ohio?

whether they do or don't it will not affect me therefore I don't care.

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What were young voters thinking?

I second Saddad's comment.

Swinger-- First, you calling me arrogant for voicing my opinion is what I meant when I said I will post something uninformative and unrelated, like you did.

Second- To be honest, I don't care about gay marriage either way.I just feel bad that they are being discriminated. I gave general examples of issues that I and other young voters are concerned about.

Third- My top priority, as a college student, whose opinion is not worth more than a cup of coffee, is student loan interest rates which Mitt Romney openly says he will raise. Newsflash, I don't own a house thus don't really care about your house. Just as you don't have student loans so you don't care about it. The point is young people are voting for Obama because he is doing more for us.

I don't know why I even bother sometimes...
"I mean no offense with the references to youth at all. I used to get really upset when people thought my opinions weren't worth anything because I was young."

"And the hubris to think the collective "wisdom" of a young college graduate amounts to more than a cup of hot coffee is almost unbelievable."

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What were young voters thinking?


Oh I'm sorry. I will post something uninformative and unrelated next time. I forgot how this works. Thanks!

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What were young voters thinking?

I'm 22. I'm educated. I read other news sources such as the BBC and Al-Jazeera unlike most conservatives and definitely unlike most residents of Youngstown (and Columbiana) including a wannabe like Leon White who has no business generalizing young voters.

I do not like single issue voters but I will give you three things that will prevent young voters from ever voting for Willard.

1. How can you argue that gay men and women should not be allowed to marry? Just telling this to anyone outside the U.S "has caused this country to lose all respect in the eyes of the world". It's simple, there is no reason they shouldn't be allowed to (in every state, not just some).

2. Ceteris paribus, I , and everyone I know, give a larger amount of our income to the government.

3. SOPA/PIPA, Keystone pipeline, Citizen's United, Voter ID's, Planned Parenthood

Also, it's called "Inflation". "Back in my day sonny, you could buy gas for a nickel"--- A baby boomer

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This makes me happy. Great cover story Vindy

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Accountability watchword of Sammarone’s 1st year

What makes me a little mad is that he doesn't use the computer. It's just a little weird. I mean just think about how much more would/could be done if he just sent a couple emails a day instead of having face to face correspondence every time? That's just my two cents...

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