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3 bedroom, 4 bath


3 bedroom, 5 bath

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Police probe drug OD involving Austintown woman


I understand and respect your thoughts here, but it all is connected. This lady has had problems and issues from long ago, then welcomes her daughter in her home here. Let us not forget , Gina's sister lives in the apartment (per the story) with a 2 year old child. Now this lady overdosed on ?? drug. She is a train wreck of a person bent on self distruction and the destruction of her children being around her. We as parents are to protect our children, she is letting them see the dark side of life and how to live it. I do not blame her for her daughters death, but damm sure hold her accountable for her own actions and the well being of others in her apartment. She just did not start drugs with this OD...Is has been a life and she should have rebuked Gina's visit and stay till she was clean. This was a 16 year old young lady searching for a spot to land. It should have never been here with this bio woman...And I AGREE, this soul less punk bastard needs to get his due, slowly and with much pain. Prison will do nothing for him. He is to gone for prison, his life should be taken as he took a life.
And I still say the other woman is involved someway....covering her ass right now...

July 3, 2014 at 1:24 p.m. suggest removal

Sad end to Gina's troubled life

My question is when the legal mother called APD to find Gina, and they did and filed a report, was there nothing APD could have done to remove her, send her home to Texas. I get she was 16, some will argue an adult, but are these young people mature enough to be given this title and rights at 16??

My god bless and accept Gina in heaven with open arms. May those who failed her in her life be burdened with their actions or lack there of.. To her killer: rot in hell and you should be slowly excuted as soon as the judge drops the hammer. To the lady who was present when this happened, what connection do you have to Williams, something stinks with her.

We as aduls,s parents, familys need to clean this place up. Austintown we need to take back these drug areas like this apartment building. APD, get working. You have my levy money, start putting boots on the ground and out of the cars. Trustees, Mandate security at all apartment buildings over 10 appartments. We all are invested in our hometown, Don't let Austintown travel down this road and even be in the shadow of Y-town...

July 3, 2014 at 10:34 a.m. suggest removal

Mahoning officials brainstorm on how to sell the sales tax to taxpayers

The tax money has been misspent and we the tax payers have been lied to over and over, year after year. Services have sucked with the money, how much worse will they get? Well I am sure the supervisors will tell them to SLOW walk all work. I like the YPD, get the top heavy salaries out. Quite hiring friends, buying elections, being corrupt, misspending our money, wasting our money and do the right dam thing and cut spending, waste and fraud out and you will have your money. And I would guess plenty. At this time we are spending more money for less service. Ride the roads; look for the county trucks parked and workers sleeping. Oh that might be in the contract our three stooges forgot to read, like the raises given to employees. Hell, the library lied, got money and now is giving some back. It should be with interest. Yes everyone got a new or remodeled branch, so…. I still say open the books, accountability and show me how you have cut back within the past year.

June 20, 2014 at 10:55 a.m. suggest removal

Top-heavy’ PD to get trimmed by Youngstown council

Here is one for you....It took 2 seconds to figure this out.

2-3 qualified Captains. Nothing to do with color, gender or buddy.. just the best qualified person for the job.

June 19, 2014 at 6:38 p.m. suggest removal

Youngstown reaches settlement with Hughes in harassment case

"the harassment by Kitchen started in late 2009 when he was the 2nd Ward councilman, and was off and on until July 2013 when she had an attorney contact the law director about the behavior"

Ok, I do not condone any harassment by anyone in my workplace. I preach it is wrong, dumb, has no place at work or even outside of work. This goes both ways. BUT from 2009 to 2013 and then she hit the laywer up for action. I say she was a bit late. 1st time warn them, 2 nd time, file on them. And if the first time meets the level, file then. Why did she wait so darn long.?? This is my only issue. And she has to go (leave city employment) to protect herself and the city. It is never the same after you go through this. I am a male senior supervisor. This would have been corrected the first time and it would have been the last time for the offender. Never would I condone, help, hinder or protect any of my employees who conduct themselves like this, but the person being treated like this must stand up and report.
And the offender and all who are shown to have knowledge and did nothing should be paying this entire fine, then fired. Take the money from the retirement they have. Why the taxpayers???

June 4, 2014 at 1:46 p.m. suggest removal

Union official questions Austintown BOE about layoff

My dear Austintown residents, this is just the beginning of the DRAMA that will start. Yes, we voted the bond issue down. Now wait….Bus service, teachers, food services, ect.. will be paraded in front of us as being cut or gone. Read below…
Superintendent Vincent Colaluca explained that the district THOUGHT two teachers were going to retire at the end of the year. When they didn’t retire, the board had to do something else “due to financial difficulties,” board President Kathy Mock said.
Colaluca also explained that they were going to be overstaffed in the physical education department.
He also assured the loss of Baker “had nothing to do with his performance,” and said this was an example of the district being “good stewards of tax dollars.”
Now read it again, “financial difficulties”, “overstaffed in the PE department”. But the teachers that were retiring were not PET…”good stewards of tax dollars” but we are paying $35 per hour not to exceed 500 hours
($17,500 income) and retirement pay. I am sure this is good use of our money,,BS!!!
Don’t be fooled Austintown, it is coming…They will not stop till the new school bond/levy is passed.

May 29, 2014 at 10:44 a.m. suggest removal

BREAKING NEWS | McNally, Sciortino, Yavorcik arraigned in Cleveland

walter I agree. Good it is not here. In addition, these 2 city/county employees should be on unpaid administrative leave. If it was "joe the worker" that is what would have happened. This will play out for years on our dime. Think of this. I bet we are paying for phone calls, laywer visits and much more on company time...Heck I am guess all these activities took place on county time....

May 29, 2014 at 10:26 a.m. suggest removal

Austintown seeks to clarify massage-parlor regulations

Well Dave still running Austintown from the county. If they run a business, meet the zoning, building and have the permits in place, leave them alone. If no one wanted to visit these places they would go broke and close, they haven’t. Just regulate them like you do all businesses in Austintown and move on. Now NEW regulations on JUST this business. Next Austintown will be in court and will be paying a Discrimination fee to these places. But bars can have all the signage they want and allow drunk people to leave and drive and posssible kill someone.

May 28, 2014 at 8:47 a.m. suggest removal

Rural parts of Mahoning County overwhelmingly voted against the sales tax

To the workers of Mahoning County who work 8 hours for 8 hours of pay. Thank- you. To the workers who piss off ½ your day, sleep in your trucks, never return calls and provide crap service. Your just one reason why I voted against the tax. The county being bullies to the Race track over water, the corrupt officials in this county collecting checks and bribes. The honest ones thank you!! The politics of this county are so distorted. I moved here 17 years ago. While building my home, the scammers from the county inspection department. Does anyone remember that time when you paid CASH to get inspections passed? I did not play and had 5 re inspections until my lawyer got involved. Someone asked why no one runs against the chosen Dave B children of the corn. Because one person cannot change the mindset here. I say clean house, non-partisan elections. No elected person collects retirement, serves over 3 terms of any office. I would love to serve, have the experience with unions, staffing and a budget of 16 million per year. But look at Austintown and you see the PRIME good old boy example…Kenny C back collecting a second check, State check, school check and Dave B’s buddy with the party. So this area, which I now call home….we are stuck until we the voters change it. This poison has infested the county, so HELL NO, I will not vote YES on any tax.
And now they want ¾ to 1 percent 5 year renewal…What happened to the ½ ????

May 19, 2014 at 9:31 a.m. suggest removal

Trumbull escapee caught, returned to jail

And who was watching him??? NO ONE!!! So who gets a spanking for this. If your charging this guy with escape, who did he escape from.

May 19, 2014 at 8:46 a.m. suggest removal



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