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Senators trying to keep mail-processing centers open

Youngstown's mail processing facility needs to remain open. The work that is done there is simply amazing and the dedication of the employees who work around the clock to be sure your mail is sorted properly is phenomenal! The Cleveland facility that took over Youngstown's incoming mail is making many mistakes because they were simply not prepared to take over the abundance of mail that was dropped in their laps. Let's be sure this doesn't happen in Youngstown again and contact your Senator to voice your opinion. My mail is very important to me and I have seen a definite lag in the time it takes from the time I mail something until the time the recipient receives it. Support your local mail processing facility!

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Sad end to Gina's troubled life

I completely agree with tired2. When you live this type of shady life the chances of harm coming your way increase greatly. And now the "mother" has OD'd on heroin. She probably used it for the very first time to get over her grief. If this "mother" truly cared for her child she would have told her to GO BACK HOME because I lead a drug fueled life and it's not safe for you to be here. The adoptive mother is also a nut to allow Gina to "visit" knowing the family's history. I wonder if the child was enrolled in school for the time she was here. I'm thinking no, because no one looked out for this child's best interest. Everyone failed her and allowed her to enter into a dangerous situation. Rest in Peace Gina. And hopefully her murderer will suffer for many years at the hands of his prison inmates.

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Sad end to Gina's troubled life

What a shame this is! The birth mother barely knew this child and yet she has the nerve to be interviewed proclaiming to be this child's mother. The minute I saw the news interview I could tell something was not right with this so-called mother. She had a cigarette in her hand at all times (can't refrain from smoking for 15 minutes) and looked like she was looking for sympathy. She didn't want the media to know of all her crimes and the reason she lost her children in the first place. She has no right to give her name to this child. Her parental rights were terminated, and justly so. Crack smoking, drug dealing, identity stealing, domestic violence...and probably gets free rent in Compass West. My tax dollars should go to fund the funeral and NOT the birth mothers free apartment! and on a side note: if the accused killer would have killed the first person he saw, why didn't he kill the woman whose apartment he was in??? the one who helped him conceal the body

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Don’t let corporate greed take over more of America

How about AT&T telling outright lies? They promised this valley 100's of jobs. Then they turn around and terminate tenured employees so they can hire the new ones in at about 1/2 of what the tenured employees were making.
And, please BE SURE you watch your bill, because you will get slammed with charges that you did not agree to!

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MVR owner Carmine Cassese dies at 57

so sorry to hear that he has passed away. may he fly with the angels. and maybe someone can learn to spell YOUNGSTOWN, because here is how it appeared on this post (copied and pasted) "Cassese mourned as Youngsgtown original"....he would not have wanted it spelled incorrectly

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Appellate court to determine if Austintown man will be tried a sixth time for murder

This "man" (used in the most loose terms) needs to stop fighting the justice system and own up to what he did. A murderer is taking all of our tax dollars. And I pray for her family

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Some business owners say minimum wage hike forcing cuts

maybe she should have stopped eating all the profits!

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Source: Pavlik exaggerated Kessler offer

maybe he needs more re-hab......obviously breaking a window out of your parents house and dragging your brother through it screams SOBER

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Source: Pavlik exaggerated Kessler offer

what a shame

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Woman pleads guilty to vehicular manslaughter

What a shame that 2 elderly people lost their lives due to this girls negligence! If she did nothing wrong, why plead guilty to anything?? No jail time? thats obsurd! Our justice system really failed this time. And she's living her life, even had the nerve to get married while this crime was still on the table. I can only hope that she has nightmares about what she has done

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