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Gas-leasing boom leads residents to fend for themselves

I think some people speak / write just to hear or see themselves in the proverbial mirror. Let's stay on topic, folks.

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Gas-leasing boom leads residents to fend for themselves

I enjoyed the article from a non-bias point of view. However I wish Vindy would quit placing adds smack dab in the middle of the actual column.

Also, I agree with cambridge's closing paragraph in comment #6... and take a look at this as well...

... the first video result is not yet available but the rest are worth viewing. Fracking is a very undesirable type of mining.

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Parents to sign ‘contract’ for children’s school-bus behavior

Good idea... I guess. Too bad it takes 20-30 yrs for something like this to happen. Undetermined amount of time??? I would have said by the end of the week...

Strike 1: 3 days detention and suspension from the bus for 1 week.
Strike 2: 5 days detention and suspension from the bus for 1 month.
Strike 3: 10 days detention and suspension from the bus for 3 months (depending on the level of behavior suspension from the bus could be up to the rest of the school year regardless of strike count).

See? I am not an educator or a law enforcer and I can make sense of it.

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Contest winners say Phantoms didn’t award prize


Does the term "legal" really matter anymore when it comes to politicians and city officials earning bribes and kickbacks for shifty business -vs- local law???

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Contest winners say Phantoms didn’t award prize

The winner of the contest was evident by the applause... please, someone say that the contest was not recorded. And the administrator of this "contest" is obviously trying to weasel his/her way out of giving away the gift by choosing an invalid contestant as the winner and then stating "they were not eligible" because "they didn't follow the rules". Unbelievable!!! What the hell are those kids going to do with a bunch of cheap, Chinese, slave-labor fireworks anyways???

If he didn't want to give away $2000, then maybe he shouldn't have advertised it... Zoldan is a fricken moron. This was nothing more than an advertisement scam used to bring in more paying customers to watch hockey.

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Balancing Justice

That building hasn't deserved those statues for many years.

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‘Mistaken identity’

Death penalty...quick and painful !!! Bring back the firing squad.

Life in prison is simply a waste of time and money. These jackasses are not slightly phased by the promise of a 5x10 cell...they most likely are looking forward to spending FREE time in prison 'cause it makes them appear "harder" and they will enjoy countless hours of gabbing with the other "gang-banger" inmates about guns... and drugs... and fighting dogs. Simply propagating their already infused, savage beast attitudes.

Need I say more?

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Driver shot by cop in struggle

Too many comments to comment... Officer Chance was acting courageously and should be commended. How often can you say that about Youngstown Police patrol... I would have aimed for the thug's vitals.

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Man, 75, shot to death in city

RL330 (only 1 comment)... go back to your cave and beat your wife.

Many constructive criticisms here for this article. However the fact remains that these idiots do not fear the Youngstown Police or the Mahoning County Sheriff (and for good reason).

These thugs were probably trying to stop someone from talking thus protecting another useless, incomprehensible ideal.

We need Judge Dred !!! Any volunteers ? Man-up and hold your arms with pride.

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Ron Wood debuts art at Butler

Brown... WTH is the matter with you...
... is that all you can say???

Ronnie is a long-time, very successful rocker. You actually think he is here to appease you? Just be grateful that someone of his caliber stepped one foot into Youngstown, OH.

I never would have realized the phrase " I feel like painting " could be disrespectful...

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