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Mourners feel for Brendan Danes; lost parents in crash

So sad that this little guy has to live the rest of his childhood looking up at the stars every time he has a major event. You all know the losses he will endure: Sports, dances, his driver's license, turning 16 then 18 then prom and graduation. He has his entire life to "miss" them. As for the drunk driver: This man needs to be punished to the fullest extent. The law couldn't protect them, the courts owe it to the family now! One more thing: Maybe the judges should be held accountable for not rendering the appropriate punishment for a repeat offender???? Maybe then they would dish out more than a little slap. For Brendan: All I can say is to enjoy your life, your mom and dad would have wanted that. No judgement here, because I truly believe when it's your time to go, it's your time, but a reminder people: Wear a seatbelt. It's easy.

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Good intentions alone won’t restart RG Steel

Dear above comment:
Nothing personal, but I must dispute your comment regarding the mill and it not being up to date! Get the facts before printing LIES. Unless you've been inside and know what the machinery can do, you need to STIFLE! RG Steel broke a tonage record 2 weeks before they closed their doors. Greed is what shut this steel mill down. Every other mill is running 95-100%, our order books were full before June '12. Customers were complaining about where they were going to get that quality of steel from anywhere but us. Agreed, we might not need 1000 workers to run it, however, these are the types of jobs our country needs! Ask your local car dealerships, Harley dealerships, resturaunts who buys from them??? Praying this new owner does the right thing, not the easy thing. This place has ALWAYS made money-F.A.C.T. Look up Ira Rennert's house in the Hamptons -this is what our mill bought for him! One of the funny things is, the only time we got a profit sharing was when we were in a bankruptcy and that's because the courts made the company open the books. So, greed shut the mill down. All take and no give - not for the workers, but for upkeep and repairs. We had to put in our labor contracts that the company had to put so much money back into the plant and that was one of the most difficult things for the company to agree on! Because they wanted their money NOW, not five years from now. Greed. Greed closed the mill. Let's reopen the mill. Give people back their jobs, their lives, and the contractors need their jobs too, Diamond Steel, Iron Worker locals, Warren City, Glunt, AVI, and all the numerous other companies that provided services for us. So isn't just the Steelworkers that lose out if this place closes....

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Texting while driving banned in Ohio

While there are MANY reasons for people being distracted, TEXTING is the one that takes more than a turn or a dial to perform.
Have you ever drove next to or behind a person texting?? While FEW have mastered the watch-the-road and text technique,, most cannot do both. They go very slow, swerve between lanes, and are clueless when they look up and the person next to them is pointing up at the light that changed color 20 seconds ago. I am thrilled this law went thru. There needs to be more education on the dangers of texting and driving. The screens are simply too small and the buttons are definately made for non-driving users. Just beware that if you are gonna text and drive, you will now be punished if you cause an accident. Hallelujah! Thank you Muslovski family, may your memories of David's death finally have some resolution and peace.

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Police seek Boardman woman missing for a week

What ever happened to HIPPA law about giving out a person't medical history to the public? It WASN'T necessary to know she has bi-polar - this could have been worded that she was "extremely upset" and meant the same to most. If someone reported this way regarding my family member I would be livid. I pray for her fast and safe return.

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Steel mill, college collaborate on training for new workers degrees needed for laboring in steel mills? UNHEARD OF! I understand there needs to be trained people, maybe foreman, but as for a few of the facts in this article, there needs to be some light shone on these:
1) Are they trying to put out US mills out of business? These workers, without college degrees, have some of the best pays and benefits in today's workforce.
2) My grandfathers would turn over in their graves if they heard this one! Not everyone is made for college; this does NOT mean they are any less smart!
3) Love my husband, the laborer in a steelmill. We raised 3 children on his laborer salary and are the ONLY people in our neighborhood without a degree. We are NOT any less deserving of than any of our neighbors.
Please, quit trying to turn everything into more profits for the colleges! UGH!

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Warren steel workers rejected RG Steel pact

The objectors were not all NE Ohio mills.
Four out of five mills declined the contract. Sparrows Point just happens to have more people than all four put together, and they just happen to be the future headquarters of RG Steel.
Happy to explain. Thanks for your comment.

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Warren steel workers rejected RG Steel pact

Don't judge before you wear the shoes of those workers.
The proposal given by the former and again current owner puts these employees back years in progress and wage cuts. No one is whining, just trying to keep up with cost of living increases and decrease in pay. Like I said, until you pay our bills, shut your mouth! Power to the USW !!!
And yes, we are BLESSED to have RG Steel in the Valley.

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5 Valley teens charged in Liberty 'egging'

Driving Laws were broken here -
A 17-year old licensed driver is NOT permitted to drive between the hours of 11pm and 5am unless for the below reasons:
*employment, school, religious activities or medical necessity.
Also, I believe there is a limitation on how many juveniles may accompany them in the vehicle.
Parents of these teens Do you remember 2004 in Millcreek Park and all of the kids in the car that tragically died? Screwing around while driving turns that car into a WEAPON and innocents can be killed. Make your teens watch some You Tube videos of kids being killed while being disruptive citizens in cars. This time it was just "kid stuff" but there might not be a next time. Keep your kids home, order them a pizza and watch movies with them. Don't let them drive all over between two counties causing havoc. About the egging: If you've ever had to clean dried egg off of a car or house in the middle of winter, you understand this is a crime - it peels paint and stains. These kids should have to do some community volunteering and go back to driving school.

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Lake wears down Boardman

Not appreciating your latest on Boardman's football game last night. "Rammed the ball down Boardman's throat" and all....then came to see you took the article from a Canton reporter. JUST REPORT! Do it yourself and quit discriminating against your own locals.... Boardman boys, kudos to you!

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Danger in the court

When driving by the courthouse last week with my husband, he told me the story of it needing restoration. He said "the statues will fall" I then crooked my neck out the window and saw what he was speaking about - oh! I've seen the inside, but never noticed those statues., my idea is - they are BEAUTIFUL! show them off, bring them to eye level somewhere in the downtown area. Do a simple fix-it job on the rest.

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