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Cop’s sons sentenced to 4 years in prison

WHATEVER!!!!! They should of got more prison time and plus they had weapons.... huh????!!! Thank goodness for 911 being available because this might have been a different story and additional charges if she had not heard them break the glass and try to get in!!! Hope it was worth it... when they get to prison and get BENT OVER!!!

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Missing teenager’s body found

So it didn't take thousands of people, HUH!!!! would they have searched with thousands of people if it was a little white kid ...yes they would of been ROUNDING UP THE TROOPS!!!! I am so sick of these lazy ass people who have the job title of protecting and serving and don't do SH...T but collect a check!

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New way to hide crack cocaine: Eat it

where is the evidence??? sounds like someone was a little pissed that he probably ate it, now you have nothing but a whole bunch of maybes....LMAO!

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Snapz: Show us your “Saturday Suit”

Just relax..... WilliamP, Yes it's a newspaper but does reading negative things most of the time make your day???? Good for VINDY , for trying to print something that will bring a smile to others!!!

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