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pickb4me (anonymous) says...

First off, let me make you ALL AWARE that IT WASN'T JUST THE SALERIED workers that got shafted. It belonged to one of the "splinter" unions that had contracts with GM/DELPHI !!!! Because those "splinter" unions were "small" in numbers and "no longer" represented the "new" GM...they were thrown under the bus! As a former member of one of those "splinter" unions that worked my "ass" off to keep the machines running so the "product" we produced went out the door to meet schedules, it didn't matter. GM/Delphi/PBGC/ US GOVERNMENT all orchestrated a quick bankruptcy and left many (salaried as well as "splinter" unions) in the DUST. How would you feel if your pension got reduced 70% like mine??? Our union gave up increases for promised pensions that our own government allows corporations to "shed" their obligations by declaring bankruptcy. Wake up people! Get your facts straight!

February 20, 2012 at 2:49 p.m. reply suggest removal