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Hard to beleive that not more people have their eyes open to this...... Gov. Rhodes was a thug who had all his life rubbed elbows with the Clevejand underworld and the teamsters "wise guys". He, alone, had to have authorized the use of live amunition. He is indeed a murderer just as much as the cowards who fired their weapons at unarmed students. Peace

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Kent State: A mother still grieves

Had I been killed that gruesome day {which I nearly was}, I, up til now, had only been able to imagine the terrible pain that my dear mother would have felt.....This mother'.s grieving letter makes it REAL, once again. May Governor James Alan Rhodes rot in HELL!

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No Sarah Smiles

I have long beleived that Gov. Rhodes was the one responsible for these murders. He was a thug who was closely tied to the Cleveland underworld and the "wise guys" in the trucking unions. We are all familiar with the way these groups dealt with opposition------ BREAK OUT THE BULLETS! I can only hope that he is rotting in HELL!

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