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Victim of attack by dog recovers

Some of the dogs today are not your dogs of yesterday...they will kill you,your children,and sometime the ower...the same law for driving drunk should be for people who let their dog out with out a leash and if they walk them, they must wear a mussel...don't want to hear "aaw he or she want bite"...doahhhh they have teeth.

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Filmmaker uses Mill Creek Park for new movie

Best to Mr. West in his production of "Miracle: The Land of Escobar Part One" Also the actors...You never know how far this will take them. Mill Creek Park is one of the best park in the U.S. Back in the late 50's we had our church picnic there, the water was so clear and clean you could drink it.But its' nice to see Mr. West come back and use the wishes.

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Seniors speak out at event for SS

Once the workers over seas get tired of the low wages they get...those jobs will return...pravatize all white house law makers pay checks,what do you think they would say? "don't mess with my money"...So don't mess with S.S.

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South Side neighbors clean up

There will always be a MS.THOMPSON who just start doing,rather than saying "somebody should do something" I lived on the south side until around 1963..but live in Gary,IN. now and the same crime, boarded up homes, landlords who do not take care of their property, few jobs.One thing we can't keep saying..."somebody should do something".and can not be affraid, and let the criminals know they got to go,by any means necessary.

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Simulation raises awareness of poverty

Reading some of the comments...there is a lot of mean spirited people out there...until you walk in someone shoes,you can never know what they go through each day.But as fate has it, what you say,rather it be good or bad,could possibly be given to you or someone you love...remember the tongue has the power of life and death in it . So before you comment on anything,make like it is you your talking about .

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