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Young fan suspended from school for sporting Cincinnati Bengals haircut

It must be great that the biggest problem that school has is what hairstyle the students are wearing. No one dropping out or flunking, no pregnancy, no drugs. Just amazing.

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Rein in the goofballs

Bravo, Mr. McKelvey! Bravo! A voice of reason admist a sea of chaos.

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Canfield’s ‘filthy’ house

Are you going to pay for me to go to school? And for a sitter for my children? As for menial work, two fast food places turned me down because they said I was overqualified to work there. They were afraid I would get bored or disgusted and quit soon after starting. I guess it is my fault that I didn't prentend to be a moron at the interviews.

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Canfield’s ‘filthy’ house

I got laid off almost a year ago. I was not with the company long enough to get unemployment. I have been looking for about six months now. You have some nerve calling people without jobs "lazy". As for footing the bill, you aren't. We get no assitance even though we are eligible. So before you insult everyone, stop and think.

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Clean it up or tear it down, Canfield home owner told

well if you followed the story, you would know that it's not likely that they work for the school system seeing as how the kids were home schooled.

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