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Golden Corral in Boardman closes

it was the filth on the utensils and plates cups bowls,not just this one but the one here in PIttsburgh. the boardman one here I complained cos my cotton candy stick had a booger on it,the manager gave us 4 free meals. they know of the filth. I picked up a soup bowl and it had dried chocolate in the bottom. I told the Manager and he just blew it off claiming a young child put it back and it wasn't the dishwashers fault. BS!! the forks spoons are always dirty,i actually took a golden corral plate home and my buddy ran tests on it and found all kinds of nastiness on it. And it is true all the trash do go there. they trailer trash let their under 12 year old kids go to the buffet alone,they touch things finger things,kids got sickness more than adults,and we eat what they finger. the one here is always COLD the food is cold,they never do temp tests on the food like fire mountain and old country buffet does. Golden Dumpster used to be good,but lately it just plain sucks. and what's with the spoutin bible verses,lol golden dumpster needs a prayer to re open. put old country buffet in,food much better.

March 12, 2014 at 8:11 p.m. suggest removal