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Ex-DJ gets 51 months in prison for child porn

just to let all you people know JOHN BATCHO was not the only one from the radio station that wrote letters LYNN DAVIS also wrote for a fact the only difference is she used her own name so no one would know it was her....WHAT ARE YOU ASHAME OF LYNN?????? also CINDY DUNCAN a salesperson at Cumulus wrote a letter should we REALLY tune in to these people if this is what they support his on wife didn't know him...turn the channels folks....there are many other stations as you see some big chains left them .....I sure woudn't support the advertisers....again remember they let him the higher ups remain working after his house was raided was he around you kids?????? at different functions that you may have attended think about this ,this is what this company thinks about you I guess It is all about the MONEY keep this mind next time you put your radio on///how many other people from cumulus-Y103 have wrote letters they should also publish these and their names

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Judge to sentence ex-disc jockey this week

are you kidding me any of these people support a man that watched a 10 year girl get raped....this is wrong....and how can anyone support any of these business ...I would think twice the radio station cumclus you can bet john was not the only one that wrote a letter if you recall this company let Scott work there with the public and the children they DID NOT ask him to step down they just let him work since Dec. 2009 again are you kidding me...the good he did.. he was paid for or this was his job....a Mistake what a joke a mistake is when you write a wrong phone number down or the wrong directions that is a mistake....I think the public should think about this... this was LITTLE children not adults...a retired police officer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm glad he is retired how well did these people really know him his own wife and family claim they didn't know how does a bank VP.. a TV personiality..a police officer ...people he worked with.. a former tv personality..
know really who he is.... he WATCHED a 10 year getted raped....I hope the judge will look at the 19 children they found and identifed ....they are the ones that got hurt NOT MR KENNEDY...god bless these children

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