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Kendrick Perry’s YSU career one to remember

Great player. Too bad he had to play with a not so great coach.

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Thompson’s three-point play helps Penguins top Oakland

Do not wonder at all YtownSports. It is the men's coach. Year after year he states in the pre-season that this years squad is the best he has ever had. And year after year they keep on losing.

Same coach, same results. Pretty simple. Maybe we can convince the girls coach to move over to the men's program!!

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Early surge leads Mooney over Canfield

I am pretty sure that Canfield is the school that dropped Mooney from their schedule. You only get improve by playing tough teams. But the history of Canfield basketball is always to do well during the season then fold like a deck of cards during the tournament.

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Early surge leads Mooney over Canfield

Canfield dropped from Division 1 to Division 2 this year. They were not ready to play against Mooney. Maybe they needed a pep talk from their old coach to get them ready. Oh well, there is always next year.

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Oakland ousts YSU in overtime

To understand how YSU lost you must go to Sports. Currently, it's their lead story/video. Oakland has .6 of a second to go the length of the court and trailed by 2 points. Where was the Coach on this play. Oakland pretended to inbound the ball and the YSU defender ran into an Oakland player who snuck up on the baseline. The Oakland coach told the ref's the play he was about to run and the ref told the coach he would call a foul but only if the YSU player would knock down the Oakland player and the YSU player would fall onto the Oakland player. Bingo, that is exactly what happened. Slocum has to go!!

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Oakland ousts YSU in overtime

After talking to my wife, Penny the Penguin, she reminded me that the YSU basketball team is just following the footsteps of other Ohio teams.
YSU football- losers
Browns - losers
Cav's- losers

How silly of me not to get it !!

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Oakland ousts YSU in overtime

I have been saying this for the last 3 years. As long as the coach is the coach, YSU will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER win. Just like a Republican will never win in Youngstown. So, if you like losing, we have our man. I would sign him to a lifetime contract so we can be assured of never winning!! Unbelievable! But I shouldn't be surprised. Look at the Dunn situation!! People, people....Wake up and see the incompetence of our University leaders!!

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Penguins fall just short of Vikings in OT

I guarantee that YSU will lose in the first round. They have the ability to win the tournament but they just can't finish a game.

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Sources: YSU’s Keene punched teammate Weber

Team harmony, that's what it's about. Slocum has it all under control,... ahem.

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Mahoning County sheriff criticizes appeals court candidate

From this point on I am not paying any taxes until the amount equals $161000. If an elected official doesn't have to pay taxes than neither do I. You gotta love the corrupt infestation of Mahoning county politics !!

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