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3 bedroom, 3 bath


4 bedroom, 4 bath


4 bedroom, 5 bath

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Comment history

Is Jim Tressel qualified to be YSU president?

Here's some things to consider, but none of us are the deciding Board of Trustees, so our opinions don't matter:

1. Jim Tressel is not a heavy hitter in Columbus. Sure, every local politician loves him, but shouldn't those local politicians be helping YSU regardless of who the President is? He's not going to shake things up for Higher Education in the State of Ohio because he only knows how to talk in generic rhetoric, which is what made him an inspiring football coach.

2. Jim Tressel is not well-known amongst students across Ohio and across the nation. He exists as a "Patron Saint" in the Mahoning Valley, but he is not going to increase student enrollment at YSU (or anywhere) by name recognition alone, just as Ed O'Neill, Kelly Pavlic, Boom Boom Mancini, and Jeff Wilkins didn't increase the population of the Mahoning Valley. I didn't choose my college or university based on WHO was President.

3. Jim Tressel is like the Steel Mills. People loved the good ol' days of producing Steel - Since we waited 20 years and the Mills never returned, and we didn't go back to the past prosperity, we just use rhetoric about the Valley's past to act like we are all tough, blue-collar workers, which most of us are not. Bringing Tressel back to the Mahoning Valley is the people's equivalent of bringing the Mills back, but one person is really not going to change anything.

4. For Tressel to be a respectable YSU President, he must first rob Peter to pay Paul. Take 25% of the 10 mill of the University funding that goes to Athletics and put that back into Education. Let Athletics do more fundraising and try to create a profit instead of giving away tickets for a losing football team. Look at the Books...how much did YSU invest into Athletics and how much was returned? If you are a business that investors give $10 mill to and you turn around and take that $10 mill and turn it into less than $3 mill, you lose your investors. Athletics should have lost their "investor" years ago.

5. YSU thrived in the past due to influence from shady characters. Remember the mafia - all the corruption that got busted up in 1996? Wonder why YSU was so successful in the past compared to today? As much as we shame the crooks, those crooks gave money to the Institution and we cannot forget that...now if Tressel can turn memorabilia into reduced student tuition instead of tattoos, I think YSU will be set!

May 2, 2014 at 3:43 p.m. suggest removal

UPDATE | YSU President Dunn resignation effective Aug. 16

My conspiracy theory...

Want to know if anyone did contact Dr. Dunn while he was out? It certainly wouldn't have been via his University-issued cellular phone. Board of Trustees would have his personal cellular phone, and would have used that since I would imagine Dr. Dunn's University phone could be tracked, and I would imagine if we could see a phone bill, we would see BOT making contact with Dunn.

I speculate BOT (not Dunn's office or other Administrators) knew that Dunn was in the running for SIU 5 months prior.

I speculate BOT knew of Dunn's strong political connections in Illinois and the fact that probably 5 months ago it was decided that Dunn was the new SIU president, and that he would be leaving YSU.

I speculate that this is just the final part of Union busting at the University that began with Anderson. From what I heard, negotiations were fairly easy and less confrontational with Anderson when having to make concessions, based on the assumption that Anderson would be here more than 3 years and would handled the following contract negotiations better during the next contract negotiations. She left after her 3rd year and retired with a significant pension...as you all know, received a 30% raise while everyone else got nothing in a time when "we all were making sacrifices." Deceit #1.

Deceit #2. BOT Finding out Dunn was wanted at SIU months after accepting at YSU. New contract negotiations, a new President that is not popular now, exit strategy when the new contract begins...the Unions are toast. Negotiations will be a bloodbath and BOT will be satisfied because Dunn takes all the blame.

In a nutshell, BOT knew about Dunn leaving well in advance. Everything is well-calculated, everything is political. Dunn is paid well enough to not care how he is viewed...he's got a great ego and it's apparent. In history, he will be the perfect YSU president because he came in, busted up the Unions badly and left the new president with a clean slate since all the dirty deeds could be executed easily without any repercussion. Heck, he leaves making well over 375k and will have 430k to help him forget Youngstown and YSU.

He's not a bad man, most humans are a bit greedy and self-serving (don't lie!). He's just a great pawn in the game.

February 18, 2014 at 8:27 a.m. suggest removal

Dellick accused in 2 other road-rage incidents; special prosecutor considered

Just because you have a fraction of hispanic heritage in your family lineage does not exempt one from being racist or making racist remarks towards people of that race. Nice try defending him Judge Dellick. Sounds like you have a loose cannon for a son.

November 6, 2013 at 12:46 p.m. suggest removal

YSU to lay off SMARTS personnel

I know that when grants are provided to the University to house a grant funded program, there is a contract established that is renewed annually, and most likely guaranteed for X years before it is renewed again. In these contracts, the University is permitted to terminate the grant funded programs at any time and the funding agency is also permitted to terminate the program at any time. All that would be needed is a written notice 2 weeks in advance, and legally, there is no issue. The problem with this story are the human resources that are going to be lost, and Becky and her assistant are amazing people, so it is a sad loss! If they were paid through the grant funding, there would be no issue with their program as the University could not lay them off since they would be Exempt from bargaining units and solely funded through soft money which would not benefit the University to cut a program like that since there is only a very small amount of general funds used to house the grant funded employees. So, if indeed 2/3 of the program is funded through grants, those grants can go to a different individual or department on campus to fulfill the community aspect of the SMARTS program. The YSU students will still be connected with the children in the community, and the program will still be just as strong. Now, if the grant funding agencies want to use their grant funding to pay for the Director and the Assistant, then that is an option, and they can still be housed at YSU. The only drawback is that the operating budget may be eaten up by administrative costs. Whatever that 2/3 is, subtract their salaries + 34% fringes, which totals $119,666, and see what is left for the program to survive on just grant funding alone.

November 6, 2013 at 9:51 a.m. suggest removal

YSU freezes spending, cuts budgets, lays off 9

Here's the deal...grab these numbers. How much money does Athletics take from the University, and how much does Athletics actually return back to the University? If YSU is giving (investing) $10 mill in Athletics and Athletics is only making say $3 mill off of this money, in the business world, this is not a good partnership. This isn't the National Championship era and never will be again...sorry people. I am not dissing Athletics as I thoroughly enjoy sports, but I don't think it is the draw to YSU any more, even with scholarships, but it is a big draw for Alumni which is the reason you do not see Athletics (an Auxiliary) being asked to give money back to YSU. This area is a football area, and it's obvious that in dire situations you never mess with football. But I think if YSU wants to succeed, we all have to wake up to the fact that Athletics and Academics don't mix for the small-scale schools.

October 8, 2013 at 5:20 p.m. suggest removal

Obama names Youngstown as model for new tech development

So if many other cities/towns in the US adopt similar facilities, won't all of these facilities compete and one or two will eventually end up putting the rest out of business? Then we will be left with a shuttered warehouse and people out of jobs...but, hey, at least people had a job for 3 - 5 years, right? Hope they save their money wisely. We need sustainable employment, not high paying temporary jobs - like oil and natural gas.

February 13, 2013 at 9:03 a.m. suggest removal

Documents: CEO Lupo directed illegal dump of brine

To all of you posting that each individuals actions are worse than one company's actions, think about this. Peeing in the woods or washing the salt off your car at home does have a small impact on the environment. We have learned over years that by improving our physical environment and disposing of our wastes properly, that we can prevent many diseases (bubonic plague) by collectively disposing of and treating our wastes in a sanitary manner. So although us outdoors people pee in the woods, it is small potatoes compared to if the entire population of the country urinated and defecated in their yards in their communities. If you think it is OK for industry to break laws and dump high volumes of potentially toxic materials into waterways or in the ground, "since people drive cars and pee in the woods," then I assume you don't believe industry should be regulated because the same regulators cannot fine individual households for minor infractions. I understand the fallible logic - but individuals collectively contribute less waste than all of the industries generating waste per day. It is understood we all have an impact, and we can control that, but the citizen cannot control the industry without regulatory oversight, and it is not right what this company was witnessed doing.

February 6, 2013 at 9:56 a.m. suggest removal

Documents: CEO Lupo directed illegal dump of brine

Certainly D&L and Hardrock are two different companies, legally on paper, but in reality, there is a thread (Lupo) that connects D&L to Hardrock. There is a reason this is done, and this is a perfect example of why companies do such things! $10,000 is a joke of a fine. 6 months in jail is also a joke - think of it as "Administrative Paid Leave" with business as usual. The fine money is already set aside in a special account, so they know how far they can go before it actually disrupts business-as-usual. Even with Federal charges, which are honestly not likely, Mr. Lupo does not care and things will not change. I can guarantee public response will be the same. This will incite the already angry anti-fracking protesters, but the general public will not care much since Mahoning County residents do not utilize the Mahoning River because they think it's already super polluted to begin with. It would be a totally different story if the river was highly used for recreation - swimming, boating, fishing, etc. But the average resident of Mahoning County has no concept of the Mahoning River, other than they just believe it is polluted and unfit for human use. There is the broader ecological concept of the watershed, that impacts our ground water and surrounding area, but again, the majority of people in Mahoning County only have one perception of the river - that is is of no value to them. If it was our drinking water source, it would be a completely different story! So, you all are thinking, why would this company blatantly break the law and knowingly pollute the river with toxic brine? Because they know the majority of Mahoning County residents would never know the difference because we have no connection to our river. Shame on the company, and shame on myself and the other residents of Mahoning County!

February 6, 2013 at 9:40 a.m. suggest removal

Cedars Lounge to close; new building owner is forcing the issue

First off, I never thought the city of youngstown was advancing with the establishment of more bars and restaurants to accompany the convocation center. The idea is that youngstown will not prosper from the residents of the city using the downtown area, and thus, in order to attract those from the suburbs, you need to develop to their tastes. It was only a matter of time since most of Youngstown's business owners are not able to actually own the building their business is housed in. It's the rich man's game and unfortunately, what Dom is doing is completely legal since it's his cash. His "vision" is making money off of those who have money, not catering to city folk. If you sincerely believe that downtown youngstown will generate such revenue and taxes from local businesses that it will begin to spread out from the center and fix the problems on the North, West, South, and East side you are foolish. It won't happen! We'll just have upgraded, vacant buildings. It's not my vision for a yuppie youngstown, but I will live here, not for the establishments, but for the park. I don't care for cities.

December 8, 2012 at 5:05 p.m. suggest removal

Feeding fouls fowls

Finally, people will stop feeding the animals!!! It's about time...even if the ducks and geese did not have as much of an impact on the pond itself.

Losers Never Win might have grown up on a farm, but Geese aren't farm animals and neither are ducks...they can be, certainly, but not the ones at the pakr! The last time I checked, the Lily Pond and Mill Creek Park in Youngstown is not a farm, and should never be!

Families that feed animals in the park are basically killing the WILD animals, and that is a very poor lesson to teach young children. It would be best if these feedings just stopped altogether. Scrap the dispenser idea and ban all feeding outright or else people will still continue to feed the animals whatever they like.

Another valuable lesson that some of these families bring to the ponds and lakes in the park through feeding the animals is litter. Sure, feed the ducks and geese, but now that stupid bread bag is floating in the water or other litter is strewn throughout the parking lot or on the trails.

Should we thank these people for using the park, or make sure they never come back? I'd prefer they never come back, but I don't think that resonates with the park administration. I think the MCP administration have turned their heads in most cases so not to discourage attendance and use of the park! Those "No Feeding" signs have been up for decades, but how many times have you seen a park employee or police officer in the lot while hordes of people feed the animals - and no one is told to stop! Maybe it has happened, but it obviously was never enough to discourage anyone from coming back...

Also, the article says nothing about paying the YSU Geology Department to determine the water depth and amount of sediment in the pond. The YSU Geology Department won't be doing the dredging of the pond or anything like that. Likely, you will get FREE consultation by a YSU professor and student that can do a research project based on the proposed work, which is some simple work, but practical experience for the student!

I am very happy to see some action being taken, but as I said before, the dispensers are a horrible idea - BAN all feeding. It's either all or nothing. If you allow some feeding with nutritional pellets, you still get the geese and ducks (which doesn't make sense if the plan is to clean up the area) and people will still bring bread because they won't want to pay for the pellets.

I live in Youngstown, and want to improve the water quality and surroundings in Mill Creek Park for the benefit of the park and the visitors who come to the park and respect the natural surroundings!

September 7, 2011 at 4:09 p.m. suggest removal


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