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Kasich moves speech location

I really wish the majority of citizens (and democrats) would understand basic economics. Public Worker Unions help elect their own bosses (Democratic politicians over 95% of the time), and then negotiate with them over taxpayer money, putting the public interest at odds with union interests. JFK was wrong and FDR was right "the process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service." Too bad its taken states 50 odd years to figure that out. Public Unions = Lost Societal Benefits, just as a monopoly does...simple as Econ 101.

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Judge Pearson to be based in Youngstown federal court

"more just society," Society is not, nor will never be just in Sherrod Brown's idea of the phrase. Some people will always be poor, or hungry, or weak and in a world of finite resources this is a cold truth. However, if everyone has opportunities to succeed, as about 95% of Americans do, then that is the best we can hope for. The law should be blind to societal justice, and only seek justice under the law not justice under ones heart, as seek this will distort the vision of even the best judge.

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Panel seeks raises for 115 CSB employees

ITS A RECESSION nobody deserves a raise, unless you make money for a company, these workers do not and deserve no raise this year. Sorry folks, should have been Ivy-league MBAs or i-bankers if you want a raise during a recession.

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Ryan, Johnson plan teamwork on Valley affairs

(1) Tim Ryan has mental aptitude of a 3 year old and better be ready for a tough race in 2012 or he maybe out of a job. (2) Sherrod Brown, the self described 'socialist; will be unemployed after 2012, his talk could not be cheaper. (3) I wish Bill Johnson all of the best. Cutting taxes, buying foreign made goods and fighting Unions are not bad things, in fact they are three things that will make America better and pull us away from being the self-entitlement state that Democrats see no problem with.

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Biden says choice for Ohio governor is clear

I don't love Kasich but I certainly hate Joe Biden style Democrats. Uneducated (crap law school, bottom of class), only speaks to the lowest, most bitter voter. Government, just back off! People will get hurt, see current recession, BUT they will bounce back w/o you taxing them to death! Capital ($) will always find the most efficient way to be used, when gov't tries to stop this we all get hurt.

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Youngstown posts largest gain in manufacturing in US

Great short term news. However, I would like to see what these manufacturing jobs are. Are they high quality manufacturing? (See jobs that are last to be outsourced) or low quality, temp labor. In reality, we need more white collar jobs, most manufacturing work is a crutch as of now until later generations of Americans get both college and graduate degrees. Also, the devil may be in the details as the valley has been in double-digit unemployment for a while now and has been losing working age citizens for over 25 years. I want to see a rebound but assembly line jobs will only buy time until we find a niche industry to drive sustained employment.

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With scrutiny, play resumes at poker club

IDIOTS...The club is in blatant violation of the Ohio Revised Code, any lawyer can see this. I cannot wait until the police kick the doors in and arrest the owners & those playing. You don't like the law, use the democratic process to change it.

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Boccieri switches to "yes" on health care

1 Term Congressman...probably with or without this "Yes" vote

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Unemployment benefits ending for some Ohioans

Good for Sen. Bunning. They have the damn money, but are too sneaky to use it, so instead congress draws up bills that don't have a funding source....use some Stimulus money in fact. Pay-Go is the order and this is how pay-go works....All spending must have a source that does not raise the national debt. Not saying I agree with that but I do agree with the Senator following the rules.

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Ryan says there’ll be a ‘miracle on the Mahoning.’

“We can get back to when where we were in the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s,” That is a lie, best told by a politician. You can say it will get better and I am sure it will, but to say that the Mahoning Valley will be as populated or as prosperous, in our lifetimes, as it was in its heyday is just a lie told to placate voters.

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