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Wedding reception goes wild in Girard

i dont know if its a shame or if its funny that people that not only were nowhere near the reception but also havent a clue who the bride and groom (or their families) are are making comments calling them hillbillies and white trash. I understand that vindy posted this (esp. without the entire truth of the matter) but that doesnt make it any of your business or concern. you know nothing of them so keep your ignorant, lifeless and meaningless comments to yourself and get off your couch and do something besides sit at home and read the paper then go on the computer and make ridiculous remarks about people that have NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, to do with you or your life. If it wasnt for the paper you wouldnt have even known and that right there goes to show this effects you in no way. AND why is it that noones calling the bartender trashy or the hall irresponsible..

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