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OSU had a bowl "band". I believe that would be a bowl BAN. Come on. Don't you do this for a living? Or did the Buckeyes band get a bowl invite?

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Doug Chapin: OSU hoops

I think you are right about Ross as the second scorer. He just seems to lack confidence. I believe the key to how far the Bucks go this season will be Thompson. He has flashed signs of brilliance but that's all it has been, flashes. If he can become consistent and get aggressive about taking the ball to the hoop using his tremendous athletic ability, look out!

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Winthrop basketball coach issues emotional plea

Coach Kelsey just won a new fan. You sir are all that is good about the sports world. Thank you for keeping in perspective that sports are games for fun and recreation and that there are much larger issues in the world today than winning or losing a GAME! I will follow you the rest of your career. Thank you.

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