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Trustees Bettile, Cartwright keep Canfield on right track; they deserve support of voters

Well I guess this big old puff piece didn't help Bettile keep his job where he gets a state funded retirement. Thats okay, because this guy couldn't even run a campaign on his own. He had to coat tail with Cartwright. Imagine him trying to actually make a decision on his own?!?
And if the township has 6 million in the bank, how about returning some of that money to its rightful owners?

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Canfield names basketball court for late coach Ken Reel

Tbone, you a Canfield grad? Most likely not seeing as you just judged an entire district on one article. Change that name to tbonehead; its more appropriate, especially after reviewing your vast commentary on the region. Or better yet, just move to whatever Nirvana you feel is out there and add your obviously astounding intellect to your new home. Buhbye

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Canfield girls fall in regional final

Congrats to the lady cards. Great fun to watch them play. It will be fun to see where they go at the next level.

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We need a new energy president

Everybody should watch(for free on Armstrong on Demand) Obama 2016. A well done documentary on what makes Obama tick. Its something the Main stream media should have done 4 years ago.

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Obama, Romney spar on taxes, jobs, education, health care

Geez, I hope Obamacare covers that a$$beating that the Bamster got the other night.

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Biden delights Canfield Fairgoers

Are you better of now than 4 years ago? If not, vote Obama out. Do you feel he is steering the country in the right direction for the next generation? If not, vote him out. Nobody has to listen to the comercials on TV/radio, or listen to the conventions. Its how YOU are affected, not what somebody did or didnt do in the past. Remember, each vote countes and its your chance to fire/hire the "employee" in the White House. The only time you can complain is when you dont vote.

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Three file to run for county commissioner

Ahh, Mr. Gerberry. Re-applying for his lifetime public employee job. Talk about worthless. What, besides his paycheck, has he brought to the valley in all his years feeding at the public trough? Come on people! Send somebody who will attempt to do some good for the valley.

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Lordstown workers receive $9,000 in bonuses

GM is a perfect example of how the government opreates. The Govt hands GM 6.7 billion in cash, but buys 61% of the company stock(at $55 dollars a share. GM stock is now trading @ 28 or so as I write this). Exec's at GM say they've paid back the 6.7 billion, which is true but the gov't still has a line of credit available to the tune of 20 billion. But the stock price loss is nowhere to be seen! And just last month, the Treasury dept said taxpayers losses on the auto bailout will be around 14 billion. All thoses GM 'bonuses' are more like taking water out of the shallow end of the pool and putting it in the deep end and saying that you are filling up the pool. the whole thing is gonna be a fiasco when the bill comes due. The govt will come looking for the money, folks, and you will pay. Through fees and other hidden items, the valley will pay.

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Make public jobs more like private

What Daniel fails to mention is that his daughter is a local judge(aka, a public employee!).

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Canfield levies raise questions

Skrabola is on their city council, who just last week voted to endorse the levy. Now hes got problems with it? Andy has finally gone around the corner. I wonder what kind of raises Skrabola has endorsed for the cities workers? Or is he confused about that, too. Maybe he wants nobody to look too closely at the cities books he been running.

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