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‘Come to YSU, we even have computers’

Um, I wish that I was paid a salary! Do you have connections?

Again, I've 'endowed' scholarships and will gladly be giving back ALL of my bonus to OUR students!

Yes, I have to agree to disagree. I do help increase enrollment here on campus. See 'scholarships' above. See 'endowed' above.

I don't know ANYONE who would turn down a bonus. As for giving them? Talk to the YSU president, administration, and board. They can answer your questions regarding the bonuses.


Life is great!

I live good. ;-)

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‘Come to YSU, we even have computers’


I am a PROUD employee of YSU! I'm a member of 'one' of the unions here on campus; that being ACE. I'm also an alumni and very proud that I was able to attend such a wonderful university. Working here is a 'bonus' in and of itself. I'm truly lucky and blessed.

I come into contact daily with our students. Students who I'm proud to associate with. After all, I was one of them. At least two or three times a week, a student will be in need of assistance. Knowing that I wouldn't have a job without him/her, I quickly jump to their aid to help them in whatever way that I can. Sometimes it's giving them directions, sometimes it's walking them to where they need to go, sometimes it's describing the history of something on campus. They are always polite and thankful. That's just me. Now multiply that x 400!

Sometimes a student will call me at my work desk, yes, I do WORK here. Many of my fellow ACE members work extremely hard here, day and/or night. Weekends and holidays. We set aside and sacrifice many personal situations, most often, gladly. We appreciate the opportunity to do so! Now multiply that x 400!

Many of us support scholarship programs here on campus. Myself and others have also endowed scholarships here on campus in which our students are very thankful for. Again, multiply that x 400!

I know that you are doing YOUR job. Controversy is good business for the newspapers.

The 'bonus' I and my fellow ACE employees will be receiving, is good business too. As you mentioned, the YSU Administration recognizes this. Every student or prospective student that we help here on campus, or encourage to come to school here on campus, is good business. Rewarding fellow employees who like myself, have never missed a day of work, is good business.

It's just not good business for all the reasons I stated above, most importantly, it's good business for the future of our students, and in turn, the future of our valley.

Good day to you sir!

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