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Martini Brothers now named 'The Federal' after 'Bar Rescue' makeover

Not fond of the new name at all. It's certainly not unique. Martini Brothers Burger Bar was catchy and unique.

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Another longtime Valley restaurateur dies

Calling hours are Monday 4 to 7pm at St. Edwards church on Tod Lane.

Funeral is Tuesday 10 am at St Edwards.

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Parking situation – the unpretty lineman of downtown success

I completely agree with Todd in that parking is a nightmare downtown. I hate it and avoid driving downtown unless I absolutely have to.

They want more residential residents, they want to attract more entrepreneurs, etc., yet you have business owners leaving due to the parking issue. Trust me, these two will not be the only ones to leave unless parking is greatly improved. Oh, and let's not forget the new hotel coming, to which I've seen people add that they need a full-service grocery store, a pharmacy, etc downtown. ... and the powers-that-be don't want to provide more parking? Someone PLEASE wake them up. More parking WILL have to happen if you want downtown to keep growing. And that's a fact.

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Youngstown planning to launch community policing initiative

I'm very excited about this program. It's going to be very good for our neighborhoods and our neighbors in general.

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Gimme That Ole Time Religion!

Oh my. All of the rest aside, the part about your aunt struck my heart strings. Elderly folks who have lived a long, full life, should not have to worry about whether they'll be able to remember their loved ones That must have hit you hard. :(

God bless you both.

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VA makes little headway in fight to shorten waits for care

This is very good news. I'm hoping that some of the simple services that we have to drive all the way to Cleveland for, can finally be done here.

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Residents, officials worry over impact of grocery closures

I've shopped at all 3 locations of Bottom Dollar and never experienced gun fire.
And I'd rather shop at a NON-union store. Union drives the prices up.

Odd though... the picketer's signs said don't shop this FOREIGN-owned store. Aldi's is also foreign-owned. Don't see it being picketed.

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Voters loudly said no for 4th time to ban fracking in Youngstown

“I’m glad people saw the need to keep seven wards,” said Councilwoman Annie Gillam, D-1st, who opposed the proposal. “I had a feeling it wouldn’t pass, but you never know what people will do. I’m glad they voted against this.”

Newsflash Annie - it lost by only 120 votes. That is not a large margin, so you should not be patting yourself on the back.

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Youngstown will demolish Borts Pool

It would be really cool if they expanded the playground and installed a splash pad or two.

I cringe when they say "green space".

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BREAKING NEWS | Mayor names new downtown events coordinator

Congrats and good luck to Mr. McGiffin.

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