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Zero-tolerance summer patrols under way in Youngstown

"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both."
- Ben Franklin

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Zero-tolerance summer patrols under way in Youngstown

In The United States of America, citizens are innocent until proven guilty. To have the police pay extra workers to pull over vehicles, (most of whom are minorities) and search their cars for "other crimes" when there are no signs of that crime being perpetrated, is unjust, and unlawful. This is a great reason to move out of this town.
In essence, pull anyone you want over, and look for reasons to justify it. Then after you find evidence on the inside of their car, you arrest them? If you find nothing, you give a warning? What kind of justice is that? This is the kind of Police State action that we see in the countries we oppose, and for that very reason.
The last time I saw this in effect, all I saw was black man after black man being harassed on Mahoning Avenue. The entire street was lit up by police lights, and at every block there were two black men having their cars searched. This is no exaggeration.
The fact that the citizens of this city stand for this blows my mind. The only thing that can come from repressing your population like this in the long run is rioting and revolt against a fascist government that allows no personal privacy. The inconveniencing and harassment of minorities has to stop if equality is ever going to be achieved.
Good luck with "revitalizing Youngstown" I'm sure these policies will inspire lots of commerce, while everyone is afraid to leave their houses because we live in a Police State.
I urge every freedom loving citizen of Youngstown to speak out against this police-state that is forming in your own town. Letting police stop people randomly, in the hopes they will find something wrong.

I would like to note that while the Youngstown Police Department is engaging in this fascist method of crime prevention, or crime seeking, the people of Iran are in the streets revolting against the same type of government who would seek to control its own people using the same kind of police force.

If this continues in this country, I, for one, will be moving to Canada, or another state that believes in the freedoms of its citizens over freedom of the police to do whatever they want. Especially paying overtime to find crimes that aren't even being committed, at a time of national economic crisis. How unfortunate.


Let Freedom Ring!

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