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Valley animal groups unite?

To maxi..... thanks.

To snowbunny......finally someone thinking about the problem and trying to come up solutions. You have some great ideas. The most important thing is to let the past go and move on to the future. Cities bigger than Youngstown have transformed their shelters into no-kill, but groups need to start working together to make this happen. And to believe that it CAN happen.

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Valley animal groups unite?

HappyCat: Who is the "we" who took evidence to the prosecutor's office? How did you obtain this "evidence"? Do/did you work for Animal Charity? I did not know that an average citizen could just go and take "evidence" for the prosecutor to look at and act upon. Or, did you know someone from AC that you convinced to help you with your vendetta against the Cat Ladies Society?

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Valley animal groups unite?

Did everyone miss the intent of the article, that local shelters need to put the past behind them and work together for the benefit of the animals? These responses have turned into a Kimm Koocher bashing session. I am tired of these statements by people like "Happycat" and "suzette" describing how horrible the conditions were at Cat Ladies. This really sounds like a personal vendetta because there are many other people who have posted on previous articles describing opposite conditions. If you saw something so bad, why didn't you take out the old cell phone and take a picture?

And I don't believe that Animal Charity fired its CEO and Humane Agent just because of budget cuts. If that was true, they would have been rehired in days after the generous donation by the Lariccias. As far as I know, no CEO has been appointed and a different Humane agent was hired. So there must have also been another reason for these firings.

And to "LittleRiver", I know that Cat Ladies has taken cats scheduled for euthanization from Animal Charity. The cats listed on their web site usually include how they came to be at the shelter. I have seen several times pictures of cats with the note that they were rescued from Animal Charity before they were destroyed.

Someone should initiate a meeting with the heads of the various Youngstown area shelters so they could arrive at a way to work together. The whole point of this discussion should be how can we best work to help the unfortunate animals that end up in shelters.

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Animal Charity board appoints humane agent

We will never know who the other qualified people are who might be interested in the job. Why? Because the powers that be never looked any farther than a fired former worker. They rushed into re-hiring Kyle Ziegler without looking at any one else. What business doesn't even try to find the best possible candidate for a job? I don't know Ziegler either, but the fact is that he was fired from Animal Charity and he participated in several questionable raids with Joe Borosky.

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Animal Charity hires agent, restores services

To taseman, very good questions. Maybe another organization should be in charge of a humane department for the area, Either a new entitiy or another organization with a better track record of animal care and working with the public. Maybe the money donated would be better spent an a new humane group.

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Animal Charity hires agent, restores services

I agree completly with the above comment. I am saddend that a thorough house cleaning wasn't done at Animal Charity by their board. With all of the negative publicity about AC recently, you would think they would want to start fresh with a qualified humane agent. This job should have been open for others to apply. Why the hurry to fill the position with someone who was fired from the same position not too long ago? I hope the Lariccias question where their money is going. If this hire goes on as scheluled, there are only going to be more problems with the agency. Less people will donate to them if there continues to be issues.

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Animal Charity board appoints humane agent

No one who has posted here has lost sight of the poor suffering animals. In order to protect animals we need an humane agent who is qualified and who does not have a history of questionable decisions and actions. He was fired and now is re-hired? What was the board thinking? They obviously did not do any research and seem content to let things stand the way they were. I half expect Kyle to re-hire Joe Borosky. This job should be posted and qualified applicants should be interviewed. The same goes for the Animal Charity CEO position that is now open. Unless this is done above board, the same problems that plagued the organization before will continue.

I hope Judge Belinky does some serious thinking before he approves this appointment. He got a lot of flack over the Cat Ladies raid in September and the only response he gave was that he "only confirmed the appointment", he didn't choose the agent (Borosky). Well, this time he needs to know what he is approving and not just take someone else's word that this is the best possible hire. He will be ultimately be the one responsible if this appointment is approved and there are further problems with Animal Charity.

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Lariccias donate to give abused animals a voice

Thank you Mr and Mrs Lariccia for truly caring about the animals that have no one to speak for them. I do hope that Animal Charity is accountable to the Lariccias for how they spend this money. A highly trained humane agent needs to be hired and a CEO needs to be hired who is willing to work with rescue groups to save as many animals as possible. There has been too much secrecy in the activities of the shelter and too little cooperation between the staff and the people who want to help

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Cash-strapped Animal Charity ends assistance to calls of abuse, neglect

The article states that Borosky still wants to be a humane agent and is hoping to work for another animal agency. If the Mahoning County Dog Warden will now be the overseers of abused animals, I sure hope they are smart enough not to hire this man who has so much controversy following him and his actions.

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No, the kitten that was rescued in Austintown didn’t have nine lives

What Youngstown needs is to be brought into the 21st century. The trend in this country in more progressive states is to no-kill shelters, not killing machines like Animal Charity and other kill shelters. Euthanizing an animal is NOT always the most humane thing to do. You said a cat with problems will live it's entire life in a cage. That is the difference with the Cat Ladies Society. The cat would have been treated and lived in a free roaming shelter. If someone is willing to care for a "brain damaged" kitten, who gives Animal Charity the right to say no, killing it is better? I wonder what percentage of Animal Charity's budget goes to education and TNR (trap, neuter, and return). And how much of the budget goes for euthanization. If they would spend their money more wisely, maybe there wouldn't be as many homeless pets in the area. Again, who oversees Animal Charity and the Humane agents they employ? No one has ever answered that question. The real issue here is an organization that can do whatever it wants and has to answer to no one. There are no standards in Younstown. There are just two groups with different philosophies on how to deal with the stray animal population and only one of those groups is armed.

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