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W. Reserve’s bid for state final 1 point short

Great season guys, you can be very proud of your accomplishments, Rewrote history in our school's football tradition. I could not be more proud. You guys are truly the best team in our school's history across the board and will always be the breakout team from Western Reserve that marched through the regional playoffs into the state semifinal game! Way to leave it all on the field.

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Crestview gets stung by Kirtland

rockyroad, Hey you are a very opinionated pessimistic, who although have a few good points, you really take yourself very seriously, and for someone who is in their 50's or more reading the vindy for 50 years, "common man", dont knock these high school kids from the suburbs that have done a wonderful job this season, Ursuline, and Mooney do recruit players, I played for one of the suburb schools in the 80's and we lost the biggest guy on our team to Mooney on scholorship money. I'm not crying about it though because I still had a very good experience in high school and my highschool is in the state playoffs this year. I no longer live in the area but do keep up with the powerhouse teams that the area still consistantly produce. I have alot of respect for the teams and players from the mahoning and columbiana counties they represent well. Unfortunately you see people post things like you do that brings down that proud tradition in the area you might say you are the "hypocrit" but I'm not into slinging mud and this is still a free country and if you want to continue to embarass yourself and the youngstown area with your again pessimistic post thats OK. I can just read and say "common man".

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Crestview gets stung by Kirtland

Ursuline is a great football program and represents the area well as does Crestview. The Rebels have put together a great season and have nothing to be ashamed of, to go out an play Kirtland with its great defense and score and stay in the game is awsome. In a couple of weeks if Kirtland is the state champs Crestview can look back and say we played with the best in the state and although not our best game we were in it.

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Reserve pummels Shadyside

Great game strong showing, I know the flu bug found its way through the Reserve team this week and they where not able to play at top form but stay healthy and we will see you next week "Go BIG BLUE"

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