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Judge to Austintown landowner: Clean up your blighted property

If the city where we live people think that the street just because it is no outlet can set out old chairs, couches and other large items along the street. Think there should be a way to stop people from discarding old items this way.
Posted by Tera

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Hybrids’ silence isn’t golden

Nice that they are quiet but to quiet sometimes when the batteries become low and the vehicle barely moves. Not a vehicle to take on vacation because mileage on continued use of batteries is about 40 miles. Posted by Tera

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Voters asked to slice public pension perks

The cutting of the public pension is similar to what the auto industries went through after bankruptcy and closing of factories. Many employees with less amount of years were cut back or received nothing and retirees depending upon the amount of years put forth received no bonus, health care revised and some paychecks amounts were lessened. Since so many Americans have less to live on or lost jobs, houses and are unemployed American Citizens should have a say in public pensions because when it comes to public pension those in Washington D.C. have everything needed at their fingertips. Posted by Dereck

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Poll: Obama, Dems popularity slides

USA 1 reply to blue collar workers First if blue collar workers were not on all type of jobs people would not be driving cars, eating foods, using computers, children playing with toys, all kinds of supplies, earth moving equipment, motorcycles and the list would be at least 10 pages long for what jobs are filled by blue collar workers. What if you personally had no other option than to be a blue collar worker for 20 years to care for family and all of a sudden your job disappears? Would not be reading what you commented about blue collar workers. Posted by Jarad

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Poll: Obama, Dems popularity slides

Glad I voted NO for B.O. Posted by Jarad who lost his job from the automakers bankruptcy / governmental restrictions on cars.

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Police say third-grader brought heroin to school

Was this in retrospect of Barack Obama's comment while campaigning that it was okay for children to do drugs? Myself was looking for the duck tape so I could close the mouth that said it is okay for children to become addicted and yes even die from overdoses. Wonder if B.O. would let his daughters do drugs? Maybe the child had seen other children take drugs and decided it might be fun? Do hope they find where the child got the drug bags from. Posted by Donna

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Funding for Ohio high-speed rail nears crossroad

Take a look at high speed rail in other states to find maintenance costs keep getting higher and average train cars derailed per accident was 9 or more, injuries including people who died because of poor maintenance. Survey taken in 10 companies and less than 1% would use the train because of all the inconvenience. Why not use the money on the school systems here in Ohio which is needing funds to better the school system. Posted by Dereck

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Warning: Tax scammers pose as IRS

Last year tax scammers used Fifth Third Bank to extract near $3000.00 saying it was for the IRS yet the people whom had the money extracted from their account never received information from the Federal Court saying it was due. In fact the IRS had sent notification that there was not taxes due and this information was sent to the bank.
The people who administrates within Fifth Third Bank would not even sit down and discuss why the garnishment was placed on the account. Posted by a family member

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Groups hope to clean Ohio's largest inland lake

Would be nice if state officials took a look in Englewood where there is a large lake which feeds into the river where the well field pulls in water from. The city put in a turbo grow plant next to the lake and the fish nearly have died off, the ducks / geese refuse to swim on it and the plant life is dying off near the shore lines. This lake is in the south area off East Wenger Road. Posted by Danny who used to fish there.

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AT&T will take $1B non-cash charge for health care

Wonder if the politicians would take 1/3 of their salaries to fund this health reform bill? If so, this health reform bill would not have passed as they would have started all over again to find a health reform bill which would not cause more companies to close or file bankruptcy or lose 1/3 of their salaries !
Posted by Dereck

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