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pbsa (anonymous) says...

Loved this article as it provides an opportunity to examine a huge issue for both the Valley and elsewhere.
What many people here and elsewhere need are opportunities to earn a living wage with adequate benefits in industries that promote our national defense----in other words, making enough of the things that we need to guarantee our national security. One way is to make all our own fuel/energy resources here as opposed to importing oil from many countries who oppose us and subsidize our enemies in Afganistan, Iraq, and Iran. We can do this by carrying out a combination of both recycling and production. How to do this ? We need to recycle and convert the contents of all our waste dumps into usable fuel--using the low-paying efforts of high school students during the summer, convicted criminals, those who are in rehab programs, those who aspire to citizenship, and those below the age of 66 who are not employed full-time, receiving any type of public entitlement funds, and not attending school full-time. Genuine patriotism, national unity, an ability to change, cheap labor, and proper technolgical investment could accomplish our producing our own fuel. A second part would be establishing massive conservation strategies. The first would be to require all public employees with non-essential jobs to use public transportation to go to and from work. This should also apply to all high school,trade, apprenticeship, and college students whose learning institutions receive public funds. The implementation of all of the above would provide the opportunity to produce more good-paying jobs in the domestic fuel producing industry for residents in the Valley and elsewhere.

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pbsa (anonymous) says...

Creating private jobs---a most important task for this administration----otherwise it is one term for our current President.

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