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YSU labor leader’s pay raise is probed

It is always so amusing how all of a sudden the person in question is not guilty of anything because there is always someone else to compare to.

I see the point of the above poster's comment regarding job descriptions in columbus, and I am sure those descriptions describe what a person does on a day to day basis. Its reported that the union president does perform a certain job there, BUT what I also see from reading and's reports are about the problems that arose with the "STATE CLASSIFICATIONS" that the union was supposed to adopt with their last contract. The last article posted by the vindicator stated that their pay scales were not in line with the state. It looks like all the university wants to do is correct this issue and move on. How do issues like this help our city and the reputation of YSU?

Maybe he does know the rules that the person above speaks of, but it also looks like he may have found some sort of loophole during all of the signings? There still is only one side of the story being brought to the public. Why are there no statements being made from the person who is in question? All we see is that he is told to make no comment by his lawyer. Where are the comments from the guy who got canned?

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