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State budget woes impact local park districts

I have a solution to the financial problems. Why doesn’t the ALL these lazy, loud mouth complainers get off their huge rear-ends and run for public office if they feel they can do a better job at running the Government then the people that have been duly elected by the citizens of Ohio. If you are truly not satisfied with the way the government is being run, then start a petition to impeach Governor Kasich and his whole government and replace it with another totally worthless government. The problem with loud-mouths is that they are partisans. They believe that ONLY their political party can do a good job. Wake up loud-mouths! ALL POLITICAL PARTIES ARE CORRUPT, BIASED, AND WORTHLESS. They are only interested in putting forth their own agenda instead of doing what is right for the citizens they were hired to take care of. The purpose of a government is to serve and protect the citizens of the State of Ohio and that of the United States, NOT the agenda of the political parties.

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State budget woes impact local park districts

It is really amazing that those that complain the loudest are those that have absolutely NO knowledge of how our government operates or is funded. It seems like certain individuals are more interested in taking dirty pot-shots at Governor Kasich then stating the obvious truth. First, the whole United States is broke, not just the State of Ohio. Is Governor Kasich responsible for that? NO! President Obama and the Democrats created this problem by their uncontrollable spending on social welfare programs and trying to take care of all the illegal aliens in the world. Second, citizens of the United States, including citizens of the State of Ohio, have been pampered and spoiled by receiving free medical, dental, optical, and food assistance without having to work and contribute in repaying it by making them do the menial labor jobs. Make them do the menial jobs, NOT prisoners. Is that Governor Kasich’s fault? NO! It is the wasteful attitude and uncontrollable spending of American and Ohioans. Third, and most important is the Unions, especially government unions, which demand way too much from governments and big businesses. It is not the Unions that create jobs, pay wages, pay partial healthcare benefits, pay taxes; it is the government and big businesses. Many Union members in the State of Ohio believe that they should have the same wages as people living in California or New York. If the cost of living in Ohio was the same as California and New York was the same, I would agree, BUT the cost of living in Ohio is about ¼ that of both of these states. Union members in Ohio want $30.00 - $40.00 an hour to do a $9.00 an hour job. I hate to tell you government union members, but SB5 is way overdue. I worked for both the federal and county governments, and government employees are way over paid and receive way too many benefits. So in perspective if you want to blame anyone for the State of Ohio being broke, then do it in this order: First, blame the citizens that want everything for nothing; Second, blame the Unions for demanding more than the employees should be entitled; Third, blame the Government for being too permissive.

I have a solution to the financial problems. Why doesn’t the government and big business just pay the Unions and let the Unions pay for the salaries and benefits of the employees? I guarantee that the employees would get a lot less earning and benefits being paid by the Unions then by the government or big businesses.

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Woman interested in case of Jordan Brown

I am in total agreements with LittleMo. For too long now, Americans have been more concerned about the welfare of cold blooded murders, rapists, and other sick people of society. In all other animals, we euthenize the sick,demented animals
for the protection of society but when it comes to the demented people of our society, justice is being to hard on the criminals. If this 11 year old boy wants to act like an adult and take the lives of two innocent people, then he should be tried as an adult. If found guilty, he should receive the maximum punishment allowed under the law. This 11 year old should be happy, that Pennsylvania does not have the death penalty, or he should be considered for it.

As for Melissa Higgins, I have a question for her? What about the age of the unborn baby that will never have a chance to take his/her first breath of life, take his/her first steps, learn to potty train, go to preschool kindergarten, elementary school, high school, college, play sports, get married, have his/her own babies.

No! Melissa Higgins, I have absolutely no sympathy for a 11 year old murderer.

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Pursuit policy probed in wake of crash

As sad as it is that a young 19-year old woman had to lose her life, as a former police officer, I would have continued the pursuit based on the following:

1. The time of the crime was at midnight. This factor greatly diminishes the chances of an innocent by-stander being involved .

2. The police, in their pursuit, used lights and sirens in an attempt to get the young lady to stop and to warn other vehicle drivers that may be on the street to pull over.

3. Ohio police officers are trained in pursuit driving and how to handle their vehicle under pressure. Unfortunately, this young lady was not.

4. The seriousness of the crime - a felony in progress. The young lady had committed a serious violation of Ohio laws. Police officers cannot allow all felons to go free because they may get hurt or killed.

5. This young lady made her choice to jeopardize her life, as well as the lives of the pursuing officers and any other driver or pedestrian that may have been on the street.

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Ohio lawmakers might allow guns in stadiums, bars

Have Ohio legislature’s gone completely off the deep in and become blooming idiots? Have they not learned from history? In the old Wild West people carried guns in the open and still got into gun battles when they got drunk. In the Roaring 20's people got into gun battles when they got drunk. Guns and alcohol has never, and will never mix at all.

Gun proponents say that it is to give the "lawful concealed-gun carriers" and equal basis to "illegal concealed-gun carriers" and gives them a chance to defend themselves. Are the proponents of the law suggesting that everyone that goes into bars, sports stadiums, and other alcohol serving venues are "illegal concealed-gun carriers" and that the threat is that severe and that bars, sports stadiums, and other alcohol related revenues are that dangerous that we permit a certain, select group of people to carry guns for protection. What is next? Allow concealed-gun carriers to carry guns into banks, churches, schools, libraries, police stations, and government buildings because there MIGHT be someone that is illegally carrying a gun?

Who will police the concealed-gun carriers in bars, sports stadiums, and other alcohol serving venues? Themselves? Hasn't legislatures learned that just about ALL the "Just say NO" programs have been grand failures? Just say No to drugs - FAILURE; just say no to premarital sex - FAILURE, etc., etc. etc.

Who will determine who are a legal concealed-gun carrier and an illegal concealed-gun carrier in a bar, stadium, or other alcohol serving venue? Will the waitress, bartender, or owner walk up to a person when they enter into an establishment and ask if a person is carrying a weapon and if so, could they see the permit? Does a waitress, bartender, or owner AFTER identifying a concealed-gun carrier monitor the permit carrier to ensure they are not drinking any alcoholic beverages? Who will be held responsible if a concealed-gun carrier "accidently" shoots and kills an innocent person in a heat of an argument or perceived threat?

There are many questions that have to be asked and answered before allowing ANY weapons carrying into a bar, stadium, or alcohol serving venue. Does the value and advantages of such a law far outweigh the disadvantages of such a law?

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Farrakhan defends Gadhafi, criticizes Obama, U.S.

This just shows what kind of blooming idiots Louis Farrakhan and the the Nation of Islam really are. It is NOT the western governments that portrayed Kadhafi as a monster. It is the people of Libya that calls him a monster. He has been murdering, torturing, and intimitating the Libyan people for over 40 years. They have finally gotten the courage and strength to challenge his dictatorship. Farrakhan also fails to recognize the fact that even the Arab Countires and other Islamic governments wants Moammar Gadhafi gone. The only reason Farrahkan likes Kadhafi is because Farrahkan is on Gadhafi's "payroll" to stread hate for America in the United States.

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