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Neglect case against ex-kennel owner postponed

Its just amazing how much deeper this case seems to get. What some people will do to get out of an obligation. Will the courts of Ohio let him off with another slap on the wrist?? Will he ever be made to take responsibility for his actions? May Nitro be given the justice he so greatly deserves. Nitro's Law HB 70.

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Bill would make some animal abuse a felony

Ohio citizens please call your representatives and ask them to vote for this bill. It is imperative that the legislation is passed.

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Nitro died from Croley’s long-term neglect, suit says

Nitro was just a mere three years old. He should be spending Mothers Day with his mom. But instead this horrible person took him from her. Death only separates, the bond and memories cannot be taken away from us ever. Bless you Nitro and Liz.

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Nitro died from Croley’s long-term neglect, suit says

I have a feeling that money is going to be the only thing that Steve understands. Nothing else has so far. His sentence was not a big enough deterrent to make him stop and think about what he has done. I am with you voice, where are the other owners???

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Former Youngstown kennel owner sued over dog’s death

Finally the whole truth will come out. Its a shame it had to go this route, but we all know that he did not receive even a portion of what he should of gotten. I know that money will not change what has happened, at this point this is the only thing that will make an impact on those that torture and abuse our precious animal friends and family members. Lets all hope and pray that Nitro finally receives the justice for the unspeakable acts that he had to endure. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family Liz.

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Ohio’s in line for stricter laws against animal abuse

This is purely my opinion...its not necessarily making more laws. Its a matter of taking the laws you have and making the punishment harsher. What once would of been a misdemeanor, you make it a felony with stiffer penalties. Example: If you fine me $5 for speeding 20mph over the limit..not much of a deterrent but if you fine me $200 for the same offense would it not be reasonable to say that I might just think about it twice before committing the same offense?? For too long stiffer penalites have given way to plea bargains, which reduces the deterrent. For some, regardless of the penalty they will commit crimes but for some the severity of the punishment will be the deterrent. You have to know up front what the possibilities are for any actions whether it be positive or negative behavior. We all must be involved in working toward a better world. Regardless of the situation everyone can do something. No matter how small or large we must all comtribute to the betterment of society.

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Ohio’s in line for stricter laws against animal abuse

Ohio needs to catch up with the rest of the country. Most states already have laws making animal cruelty a felony. To think that a state that is suppose to be so politically ahead of other states is still living in the dark ages concerning animal abuse. New laws wont change the past but it sure will help so much in the future. Make a difference Ohio!!!!!

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Plea deal made in dead dog case

There is probably nothing they can do in this situation. But they are the ones that can make stronger laws. You can google whatever state you want....such as Ohio state representatives and senators. It gives a complete listing with addresses and phone numbers.

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Plea deal made in dead dog case

You might be suprised, but your state rep's and senators do want to hear from their constituents. I have contacted mine several times and they always respond in a timely manner.

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Plea deal would bring 4 months in jail for animal cruelty

dmets...whoever is your state representative for your district is the one you need to contact. There is an online directory for the whole state of Ohio. Just google state rep for ohio. It'll bring it up for you.

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